Chapter 289: Are You Crazy? Do You Want To Die?

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Xia Ning asked Shen Weiran to sit on the couch and she poured her tea herself.

“Movie Queen Shen, please have some tea,” Xia Ning turned to Shen Weiran and said with a smile.

“No need to pretend anymore.” Shen Weiran darted a look at the teacup and her eyes fell back onto Xia Ning. “You look a lot like your father.”

“You know my father well. Oh, I forgot, you were into my father.” Since they started talking about it, Xia Ning did not plan to pretend anymore. She said with a smile, “It can’t be that after so many years, you are still in love with my father.”

Shen Weiran frowned slightly. “You think I tore your parents apart?”

“Were you that capable?” Xia Ning sneered.

Shen Weiran smiled. “Your personality is like your father’s too.”

“Of course. I’m my father’s daughter. Unlike someone, who’s a bastard but still took others’ place,” Xia Ning said in a mocking way.

Shen Weiran stared at Xia Ning and her eyes were showing a hint of anger.

“I thought Movie Queen Shen would never get mad. So you do have a weakness and that’s your birth.” Xia Ning sneered loudly.

Shen Weiran looked at Xia Ning and coldly said, “I don’t care what you want to do but I don’t think you should make a big splash. It’s S City here. If I want to touch you, no one would be able to stop me.”

“As if I should thank you for letting me have my good life now. Shen Weiran, don’t play with me anymore. You of all people want me dead, but you can’t. So the result is, I will finish you.” Xia Ning looked at the noble-looking woman in front of her with a ghostly smile. “Others call you Eternal-Youth Goddess and you take it for real. You are over fifty and it’s really old. How many more surgeries can you do on your face?”

“Your mother didn’t teach you well,” Shen Weiran said with anger and could not keep a calm face anymore.

Xia Ning chuckled, “My mum died young, so of course I wasn’t taught well.” As she spoke, she darted a look at Shen Weiran and coldly said, “Shouldn’t I thank you for that?”

“So, are you here for revenge?” Shen Weiran looked at Xia Ning coldly. This girl was young, but there was some mystery around her that made people unsure. Nobody knew what happened all these years that she was gone. That was what she was afraid of the most.

Xia Ning raised her eyebrows. “No, I’m just back to take back what belongs to my mother. At the same time, I will reveal the real you to everyone.”

“Xia Ning, that’s too much!” Shen Weiran stood up and said with anger.

Xia Ning smiled quietly. “Oh really? I don’t think that’s much at all. Compared to what you did, this is like nothing.”

Shen Weiran was enraged and stormed out.

Xia Ning sneered. It was quick for her to lose it. No worries. She would make everyone from the Shen family lose everything.

Not long after, Wen Yue came in. She looked at Xia Ning and said, “Did Movie Queen Shen eat a bomb?”

“A mine probably,” Xia Ning said in a good mood.

Wen Yue nodded and did not speak. Asteria’s matter was not for her to interfere with. What she could do was to help her with what she said.

It was almost 9 pm when Xia Ning went back to the Mountain Villa. She saw the familiar black Bentley in front of the gate and frowned. She wanted to drive past it directly.

Suddenly a tall figure walked to the front of her car. She was caught by surprise and braked immediately. “Are you crazy? Do you want to die?” she saw the person and shouted out angrily.