Chapter 291: You Had No Intention To Admit I Was Your Wife

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Qiao Yu was surprised by her words and did not follow.

“Since you know I didn’t like Jiang Xinyi, why can’t you forgive me?”

Xia Ning looked at Qiao Yu. It seems like he still does not understand. And she knew that if she did not make things clear today, in a long time from now on, this person would cause a lot of trouble for her.

“So have you ever thought about why Gao Yang would say those ruthless things to me?” Xia Ning looked at Qiao Yu and asked calmly.

Qiao Yu answered, “He didn’t know we were married.”

“Yeah, he had no clue his dearest cousin was married. He didn’t know his cousin’s wife was pregnant and of course, he didn’t know your wife was me.” Xia Ning curled her lips and looked ironic. “Do you still think it was Gao Yang’s fault?”

Qiao Yu’s expression changed slightly. Suddenly, he realized something. Not long ago, his mother asked him similar questions.

Xia Ning pretended to not notice the change in Qiao Yu’s emotion. She looked up to the sky and continued, “Back then, we were married for eight months. In such a long time, I don’t believe you had no time to introduce me to your parents, your family, or your friends. Qiao Yu, as a matter of fact, you were the one who did not want to admit me. It was not Gao Yang’s fault.”

Qiao Yu wanted to refute but when she threw the question out, he realized that any refute was useless. Because he indeed did not introduce her to his parents or family. Marriages without parents’ blessing were normally unhappy. If she took it as he did not want to marry her in the first place, it was understandable.

“Do you know how I felt when Gao Yang revealed the truth to me? Sad? No, I suddenly felt relieved.” Xia Ning looked at Qiao Yu with a relieved smile. “In those months of our marriage, my heart had always been jumping up and down. It finally hit the ground that day.”

Qiao Yu stopped breathing. She did not know her relief at the moment was like a knife that was cutting into his flesh slowly. There was no blood but it hurt to the bones. Suddenly, he did not want to hear her talking anymore. Because he was sure it would not be something he wanted to hear.

Xia Ning did not care about his thoughts and continued, “That night, I slept so well that it was better than any other night when we were married.

I finally realized that no matter what I did, my husband would not love me. Marrying me was just a compromise. He did not want to be called irresponsible.

He would have his own fiancée and his new family soon. No matter who that was, it would never be me. I didn’t have to try so hard to get him to love me or feel sad when I didn’t get a response anymore.”

“Xia Ning, I didn’t…” Qiao Yu looked at Xia Ning in shock. He had no idea about what she just said.

“You didn’t what? You didn’t hide me away? You didn’t not love me?” Xia Ning curled her lips. “When we got married, I was so afraid of being a burden. Because you did not love me but I had the kid and I became your responsibility.

Back then, I thought if I treat you with all of my heart every day, you would fall in love with me sooner or later.

In those eight months, do you remember how many times you came back home?”

Qiao Yu’s face looked surprised. How could he remember this?

“I do. 25 times. Less than a month.”

Qiao Yu looked at her in shock. He was very busy back then and didn’t go back frequently.

“Are you surprised?” Xia Ning looked at him and said with a smile. “Back then, we slept in separate rooms and you only came back after midnight. So why would I know when you got back?”

“Because I never fell asleep before you came back. I was thinking then, even if he did not love me, he would still care for the baby and then care about me.

I was waiting for you to come back, night after night and always disappointed. When I saw you the next morning, you would merely take a look at me and ask the eternal question, how was the baby?

I told myself over and over again if you cared about the baby, you cared about me.

I got insomnia during that time and even went to the hospital for that. Did you know?”

Xia Ning breathed slightly and shook her head. “You didn’t know! When you were making all the big decisions at work, you never thought of the pregnant wife at home. Well, you had no intention of admitting I was your wife.”