Chapter 294: What Is Movie King Lin’s Relationship with Xia Ning?

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Plans to get married? Xia Ning looked at Lin Nan and seemed curious. So fast? But for his age, he should be getting married.

However, she had only heard that he broke up with his ex, but even that was a couple of years ago. Did they get back together? In any case, he did a good job keeping it in the dark.

Anything that Xia Ning could think about, of course, the reporters thought about as well.

The mics all went to Lin Nan. “Movie King Lin, could you tell us something about your girlfriend?”

“After you broke up with Fang Xuan earlier, there was no news about your relationship. Does it mean that you got back together with her?”

“Fang Xuan is in the States now and Movie King Lin, you are developing your career in the States as well. It can’t be that you already got married secretly?”

The reporters were asking questions. Lin Nan had a smile on his face and gestured for everyone to calm down.

“I won’t tell anything about who she is at this point. You will know later. As for me and Fang Xuan, that was a long time ago. You could write about me but I don’t want to affect her peaceful life because of me.”

“So Movie King Lin, could you tell us your standards for your wife?”

Xia Ning looked at Lin Nan and there was a hint of a smile in her eyes. After so many years, he was still him. No matter when, he always kept his own heart and was not blemished by the complicated entertainment circle.

In fact, when she met him again, she was also surprised. Everything was as if it happened yesterday.

“It can’t be Xia Ning!”

Hearing someone mentioning her name, Xia Ning looked over immediately. She caught Lin Nan’s smiling face and looked back in confusion. What were they talking about?”

“Movie King Lin, your standard is someone with long hair, pale skin, over 165cm with a good personality. She should be cool, and an insider of the show business. Xia Ning is a perfect match.”

“I don’t care but I’m afraid Xia Ning might not be happy,” Lin Nan said with a smile.

Xia Ning darted a look at Lin Nan and thought it was funny. She said to the reporters, “It’s okay for you to joke about Brother Lin, but don’t get me involved. I’m just a nameless actress and not suitable for someone with a lot of fame like Brother Lin.”

“Well, that’s not true. Xia Ning, your acting skills are widely recognized. The fantasy wuxia show you are in is very popular and the Internet speaks highly of you,” one reporter said with a smile. Of course, it did not mean they thought Xia Ning was a good fit for Lin Nan, but they were just simply recognizing Xia Ning.

As for Lin Nan and Xia Ning, they did not find it that possible, because of their popularity and age difference. They heard nothing about the two getting together either.

Even though Lin Nan liked elegant beauties like this, they still found Xia Ning to be too young. Lin Nan did not look like he was into such young girls.

Lin Nan continued as well, “Xia Ning is a talented actress. She is still young and hasn’t debuted for very long. She doesn’t know that much about the circle and sometimes when she is misunderstood, she doesn’t like to explain. I hope you all can take good care of her.”

When these words were out, those who thought Lin Nan could not be with Xia Ning, felt a bit unsure now. Lin Nan was obviously referring to Xia Ning as one of his own. But anyway, this was big news.

One reporter looked at Lin Nan funnily. “Brother Lin, we rarely hear you say good things about juniors like this. Tell us, what is your relationship with Xia Ning?”

Xia Ning looked at Lin Nan somewhat funnily. He should not have known who she was so why was he already concerned about her?

“I’m curious too. Why are you so concerned about a newcomer like Xia Ning, Movie King Lin?” A cold voice came from behind suddenly.