Chapter 295: Indeed, I Think Highly Of Miss Xia

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Everyone turned to the back and a handsome man in a black suit walked over surrounded by a group of people. His carved face looked cold, his deep eyes undisturbed. He looked like a majestic king.

When Xia Ning saw him, she moved her eyes away and treated him like a complete stranger.

Lin Nan glimpsed at Xia Ning and then moved his eyes to Qiao Yu. Qiao Yu was looking at him as well with an unknown emotion in his eyes. But his face was not looking good.

Lin Nan still remembered Qiao Yu’s warning from last time. But he was sure Xia Ning had no feelings for Qiao Yu. The only feeling she might have towards him would be impatience. He knew a girl like Xia Ning would never like a cold and overbearing man like Qiao Yu, so he had a chance!

The reporters did not know what to say. How could someone like the president of Shengshi be concerned about the relationships of someone in the show business? Their time was worth more than gold.

But someone found a topic to ask eventually.

“I heard the Shengshi Group put in another hundred million of investment for ‘The City of Desperation’. Seems like President Qiao, you are very confident about the movie.”

“President Qiao, you are very interested in the movie industry. Do you have plans to open your own company in the arena?”

Qiao Yu took his gaze back and said to the reporters calmly, “I don’t know much about acting but I trust Director Zeng. I will provide him with whatever he needs. Whether it succeeds or not would be something to be decided by the audience.”

At this time, some bodyguards came up and parted a way for Qiao Yu.

Qiao Yu walked towards Director Zeng. When he passed Xia Ning, he did not pause at all. Neither did he give a look to Xia Ning.

Feeling the person next to her leaving, Xia Ning’s heart was at peace. If they had any relationship left, it would be this kind of professional relationship.

“Xia Ning, let’s walk over,” Lin Nan suddenly said.

Xia Ning nodded to him and followed him.

Zeng Jun always hated to deal with the media, but he said an awful lot today about the special elements in this movie. He talked about the techniques for filming, the development of the storyline as well as other aspects.

Xia Ning knew the preparation of the movie took a lot of effort from Zeng Jun. It was not only a promise to a friend but also a demonstration of himself. No one wanted to be stuck in the same place forever.

A good movie had to not only win awards, but also make money. These were criteria of a full recognition.

Xia Ning was standing next to Zeng Jun and Qiao Yu was on the other side of Zeng Jun. They were standing there for reporters to take photos together.

After the photos, one reporter asked Qiao Yu, “President Qiao, you’ve invested in two productions starring Miss Xia. Seems like you think highly of Miss Xia, President Qiao.”

“Yeah, one show and one movie. Both are big productions.”

All of a sudden, all the attention went to Qiao Yu and Xia Ning. Could the king of business and a newcomer in the entertainment circle have some chemistry?

Xia Ning’s eyes flashed a little. She darted a look at the reporter who was talking but took her gaze back quickly.

Qiao Yu looked at the reporter and said calmly, “I’m only responsible for investing and selecting talents is the job of the director.”

Xia Ning looked down. It was a good answer. No one would know what was going on between them. So he indeed started to clarify.

“However, I do think highly of Miss Xia.” Next to her, the man’s voice followed at once.