Chapter 297: The Encounter With Shen Weiwei

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Xia Ning went out of AS hotel and was ready to pick up her car from the carpark.

But she did not expect to run into Shen Weiwei and Jiang Xinyi right outside the hotel.

Shen Weiwei and Jiang Xinyi were walking towards the hotel in a rush. They saw the person standing in front of them and both stopped.

Shen Weiwei’s face changed immediately and walked up in anger. “Xia Ning, you shameless b*tch. I finally caught you today.”

Jiang Xinyi was also staring at Xia Ning in an unfriendly way. She walked up together with Shen Weiwei.

Xia Ning saw the two and curled her lips. “Looks like I should have checked the lunar calendar today before I left the house.”

“How dare you seduce my brother? I will kill you.” Shen Weiwei stepped up further and raised her hand towards Xia Ning.

Xia Ning raised her hand and grabbed Shen Weiwei’s hand at once. She looked at her and said coldly, “Miss Shen, do you know how much insurance I got for this face? If you slap me, your parents would want to kill you.”

Shen Weiwei was controlled and threatened by Xia Ning. She felt extremely embarrassed and shouted out to Xia Ning, “Didn’t you f*ck a few rich men to be so arrogant? That’s nothing. I’m the daughter of the Shen Group so why should I be afraid of you?”

Xia Ning raised her hand to cover her nose. “Did you not brush your teeth this morning, Miss Shen? Why is your mouth so filthy?” she frowned and said.

Shen Weiwei heard this and felt even more humiliated. She cursed at once, “B*tch!” The other hand raised and wanted to slap Xia Ning in the face.

Xia Ning looked cold and raised her hand again to hit off Shen Weiwei’s hand. She strengthened the other hand and pushed Shen Weiwei out directly.

Jiang Xinyi saw Shen Weiwei falling down and rushed over to hold her immediately so that Shen Weiwei would not fall onto the ground.

Shen Weiwei pushed Jiang Xinyi away and stepped up again to argue with Xia Ning. “Xia Ning, what do you want?”

Xia Ning looked at Shen Weiwei’s angry face. “I want to ask the same question. I didn’t offend you, and you wanted to hit me. Our society is ruled by law now, so I hope you can be more civilized, Miss Shen.”

Jiang Xinyi walked up too. She looked at Xia Ning and coldly said, “Weiwei is mad because you did something despicable, Miss Xia. Weiwei has only one brother and I hope Miss Xia, you can let him go.”

Xia Ning stared at Jiang Xinyi. “You are an interesting mediator, Miss Jiang. What did I do exactly that’s so despicable? I hope you can help explain, Miss Jiang.”

Jiang Xinyi frowned. “Brother Tianlang has a fiancée. I’m sure Miss Xia, you will be able to find someone richer than Brother Tianlang with your skills. Don’t destroy him.”

“Miss Jiang, are you saying I’m so charming and even bewitched the heir of the Shen Group?” Xia Ning smiled vaguely at Jiang Xinyi. “Those who know might think you are nice, Miss Jiang. But those who don’t might think that you are a pretentious b*tch that spreads rumors.”

“You…” Jiang Xinyi’s face changed immediately and glared at Xia Ning. How dare she call her a pretentious b*tch?!

Shen Weiwei was upset for Jiang Xinyi. She said to Xia Ning, “Xia Ning, who are you calling names? Don’t you believe that I can make you leave the show business?”

“Make me leave the show business?” Xia Ning stared at the arrogant Shen Weiwei and moved her mouth. “You used to be so arrogant when you were a kid and you haven’t changed at all. Do you really think you are the precious daughter of a rich family and no one can do anything to you?”

Shen Weiwei heard this and remembered something immediately. She looked at Xia Ning unbelievably. “Are you really that Su Ke?” In fact, she did not believe that the dirty little Duckling would turn into a beautiful swan, so she did not take her brother’s words seriously.

Xia Ning curled her lips. “So, Miss Shen, are you afraid that I might take revenge?”

Shen Weiwei looked as if she heard some joke and sneered. “Nonsense. Xia Ning, even if you are really Su Ke, so what? The Shen family will never admit that woman with loose morals and a filthy bastard like you.”