Chapter 300: Do You Have A Boyfriend?

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Jiang Xinyi stared at the ruthless man in front, her eyes in tears from embarrassment. Had it not been this life and death situation, why would she look for his help?

“Brother Qiao, we grew up together. Why are you so cruel to me?” Jiang Xinyi ground her teeth and asked.

Some hotel staff went by and saw their boss talking to two good-looking young women. They moved their eyes away and pretended they did not see them at all. The hallway was oddly silent.

Shen Weiwei felt sorry for Jiang Xinyi. “Brother Qiao, Xinyi is your fiancée after all. What’s wrong with you helping your father-in-law? The Shengshi Group is so rich, anyone would give you some face.”

Chen Hong darted a look at Shen Weiwei. He hated this brainless little miss the most in the Shen family. She knew nothing but liked to push herself to the front. And every single word was like salt on Boss’s wound. Was she sure she was here to help?

Qiao Yu glimpsed at Jiang Xinyi. “Who said you are my fiancée?”

Jiang Xinyi’s mouth twitched and suddenly realized something. She said in a hurry, “Brother Qiao, I…”

“Why not? Wasn’t this decided by Papa Qiao? Papa Qiao always liked Xinyi,” Shen Weiwei said directly.

Jiang Xinyi heard this and pulled Shen Weiwei lightly. “Weiwei, don’t talk nonsense.”

Shen Weiwei did not get what Jiang Xinyi meant and continued, “This is not nonsense. The entire circle knows that you are the girl picked by Papa Qiao. The only thing missing now is a wedding.”

“In a month, I don’t want to hear anything about the Jiang Group.” An icy voice sounded. “Make the acquisition faster.”

Jiang Xinyi looked shocked and stared at the man in front of her in disbelief. But he looked as if he did not notice at all and walked past her directly.

“Yes, Boss.” Chen Hong answered and followed Qiao Yu.

Shen Weiwei did not follow what Qiao Yu meant just now and she said to Jiang Xinyi, “Xinyi, what did Brother Qiao mean?”

Jiang Xinyi’s body went stiff and she stood still, her heart dropping into ice. She should have guessed who was able to make the stock price of the Jiang Group drop like this and who was able to stop all the friends of the Jiang family from helping them. Only Qiao Yu and his Shengshi Group can do that. He really had no feelings left for the past and wanted to push her to a dead end.

But, what did she do wrong after all?!

“Aaaah!” A crazy female voice pierced through the entire floor.

In the restaurant. Xia Ning and Lin Nan found a quiet table to sit down.

Lin Nan’s eyes did not move after Xia Ning sat down across him. She looked nothing like before. She was so skinny and dark when she was a kid. He did not expect her to grow up to be so elegant and beautiful.

Xia Ning used her fork to pick up food. She looked up at Lin Nan. “Brother Lin, if you keep staring at me like this, I won’t be able to eat anything.”

Lin Nan realized his impoliteness and smiled. “I just wanted to look at you.”

“Don’t you have the feeling that your own daughter has finally grown up?” Xia Ning said with a smile.

Lin Nan’s eyebrows moved. He did have this feeling. She grew up and he was getting old. He did not expect himself to fall for her at all.

“Xia Ning, you said you grew up in the U.K. before. Are those your relatives who adopted you?” Lin Nan asked.

Xia Ning put down the fork and looked at Lin Nan. “My grandfather found me and took me to England,” she nodded and said.

“So why did you come back to China?”

Xia Ning’s face turned slightly cold. “I want to seek justice for my mum.”

Lin Nan’s face Changed. “Do you want to take revenge on Shen Weiran?!”

“No, it’s the entire Shen family!” Xia Ning said coldly.

Lin Nan knew a little about the love and hate between the Shen sisters. He nodded. “No matter what happens, you need to put your safety first. Your mother would never want to see you hurt.”

“I know.” Xia Ning’s face became a lot gentler. Mum was always the softest spot in her heart.

The two went into silence for a while. Lin Nan looked at Xia Ning’s gentle face from the side and asked suddenly, “Do you have a boyfriend?”