Chapter 301: Brother Lin, It Can’t Be That You Fell In Love With Me?

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Xia Ning looked up at Lin Nan in surprise.

“I was just thinking that you had so many scandals lately. If your boyfriend hears that, he would definitely not be happy,” Lin Nan said with a smile.

Xia Ning moved the corner of her lips. “Brother Lin, you are overthinking. I don’t have a boyfriend at all.”

No boyfriend?!

Lin Nan’s heart jumped. He looked at Xia Ning’s calm face and she did not seem to be lying. He sipped some water and said quietly, “So I might have been mistaken.”

Xia Ning raised her eyebrows and looked at Lin Nan. “So Brother Lin, you said you are getting married. Can you tell me who is your bride?”

Lin Nan saw Xia Ning looking at him, smiling, and his heart started to race. He calmed himself down and answered, “You will know when it’s time.”

Why did he feel like a 20-year-old, with his heart racing when he saw the girl he liked?

Xia Ning looked at him in a mocking way. “You are so secretive. Looks like you want to give us a surprise. Fine, I will be waiting for it.”

Lin Nan smiled. Yes, it will be a surprise.

“Can you tell me about your life in England? If you want revenge, why did you just come back now?”

Xia Ning heard him and the smile on her face disappeared immediately. Why did she come back so late? In fact, if it was not for that accident, maybe she would never come back.

“When I just got to England, I was in an accident. So it got delayed,” Xia Ning said in a low voice.

Lin Nan heard that and his face changed a little. “Were you okay?”

“I was fine, but I forgot a lot of things.” Xia Ning said calmly. “About four years ago, my memory finally came back to me.”

She lost her memory? Lin Nan stared at Xia Ning in shock. “So how did you recover your memory?”

“A car crash. Almost took my life. But also woke my past up,” Xia Ning answered.

Lin Nan looked at Xia Ning shockingly. “How did you get into a car accident? Was there any aftereffects?”

Seeing Lin Nan’s worried face, Xia Ning smiled. “It’s all gone now. I’m fine.” She changed topics. “My father’s script, I want to act it out perfectly. Brother Lin, I need your help.”

“I know what to do even if you don’t say anything.” Lin Nan asked, “I was just surprised why you became an actress. Was it because of your mother?”

She had a great education and would be able to do whatever she wanted. Being an actress was not the greatest job in the world. The circle was way too complicated.

Xia Ning moved her lips. “Partly because of that. My mum always wanted to be a Movie Queen, to be good enough for my father. But she didn’t even know what her husband was like even when she passed away. I want to live her dream. At the same time, I want to beat that person and defeat her completely for my mum.”

Lin Nan sighed and looked at Xia Ning. She was all grown up and even her personality had changed from before. She must have lived a tough life these years.

“Oh right, I saw you looked very close to President Qiao,” Lin Nan said suddenly. He could not ask this before, but now that he was closer to Xia Ning, it made the question easier.

Xia Ning frowned and said calmly, “I have nothing to do with him.”

“You can’t tell me? It seems like he takes you seriously,” Lin Nan asked. Qiao Yu warned him for her, which meant Qiao Yu was treating her differently than anyone else.

Xia Ning looked up at Lin Nan and curled her lips slightly. “Brother Lin, you are so concerned about my love life. It can’t be that you fell in love with me?”