Chapter 304: Nowadays Even Pick-Up Artists Are So Cultured

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The dance floor was so crowded that it took quite some time for Gao Yang and Mu Zichen to get in. Their eyes fell immediately onto the person dancing in the center.

Her soft body was moving in such a harmonious way that it was as if she had no bones. She held her head up high, like a proud swan. Every move of hers was attracting people’s attention.

“No wonder so many people were here. She dances well,” Mu Zichen praised.

But Gao Yang on the side could not smile at all. The person in front of them was…

“Xia Ning!”

Mu Zichen looked to the side at Gao Yang. “What did you say?” The music was too loud and he could not hear Gao Yang clearly.

Gao Yang moved his head and looked back. He frowned and said, “See for yourself who that is!”

Mu Zichen followed his eyes and looked over. He was immediately shocked at well. “Xia Ning!” He did not know Xia Ning before, but he had heard so much from Qiao Yu, plus there were all kinds of negative news about her. He was very curious about her.

“I thought your brother has a very unique taste. I didn’t expect that he is the same as other guys.” Mu Zichen looked at Gao Yang in a joking way.

He had thought Xia Ning was a cold beauty. From her performance today, she was probably a regular at this kind of places.

He had thought Alex was definitely into those mediocre women. But it seemed like he was similar to most of the guys. He was into this kind of pretty and flirtatious women.

After the dance, Xia Ning stood up and was ready to leave.

Claps sounded immediately. Many went up to talk to Xia Ning, “Miss, can you dance with me?”

“Miss, can you give me your contact info?”

“Miss, why do you look so familiar?”

It was as if Xia Ning did not hear them and coldly said, “Excuse me.” She rushed out of the crowd directly.

Gao Yang and Mu Zichen watched the girl walking to the bar. They darted a look at each other and followed.

“Asteria, you are still very good.” Wen Yue passed a glass of wine to Xia Ning.

Xia Ning took it and drank it. She then said calmly, “I haven’t danced in a long time and was a bit rusty.” She breathed slightly and felt like all the bad things on her mind flew out.

Last night, those words burst from her heart and today her body was done releasing stress. Now, her mind and body were both relieved.

Wen Yue smiled. “Don’t be modest. If you keep doing this, no one else would dare to dance.” Her eyes suddenly fell onto the two people walking towards them behind Xia Ning. She covered her face and said, “Seems like more are here to hit on you.”

Xia Ning heard that and darted a look at Wen Yue. She turned around and happened to see Mu Zichen and Gao Yang walking towards them.

“Hello, Miss Xia!” Mu Zichen reached out his hand to Xia Ning.

Xia Ning shot a look at him and her eyes moved to Gao Yang who was next to him.

“Hello.” Xia Ning did not reach out her hand.

Mu Zichen twitched his mouth and took his hand back. He said with a smile, “I watched Miss Xia danced just now and wow. That was something that could only be seen in heaven and what could you expect better on earth?”

Xia Ning darted a look at him and raised her eyebrows. The man in front of them was very good-looking. He was not as cold as Qiao Yu but rather attractive. More importantly, he knew how to sweet talk.

Wen Yue on the side smirked. “So nowadays, even pick-up artists are so cultured?”