Chapter 305: Had He Known Earlier, He Would Not Have Come To Talk

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The smile on Mu Zichen’s face froze. He turned to Wen Yue sitting on the side and his eyes lit up. He said with a smile, “Miss, are you mistaking me for anything?”

“You look like you are good at this. People like you have another nickname, which is… hmm… a civilized scum.”

Mu Zichen’s mouth moved. “You are not right, Miss. I just wanted to be friends with Miss Xia. Nothing else.”

Wen Yue nodded and looked like she understood. “I know. You wanted to do something bad under the cover of being a friend.”

Mu Zichen: “…” What the heck? If he dared to do that, Alex would finish him first. Good thing Alex was not here today.

Mu Zichen looked at Wen Yue and said with a smile, “Did I upset you somehow, Miss?”

Wen Yue shook her head. “Not really. But don’t call me Miss anymore. When you say it, it makes me think about some bad profession. So, just call me by name, Wen Yue.”

“So your name is Wen Yue. It’s a good name,” Mu Zichen nodded and said.

Xia Ning took a look at Wen Yue. Since when did she start being nice to men? Her eyes fell onto Mu Zichen. She could not see anything good except for that attractive face.

“Junior Gao, are you not going to introduce your friend here?” Xia Ning said to Gao Yang suddenly.

Gao Yang’s eyes were fixed on Xia Ning. Hearing her talking to himself, he frowned. “This is Mu Zichen, my friend.”

Mu Zichen heard this and apologized immediately, “Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. This is my card.” He took out his cards and distributed it to Xia Ning and Wen Yue.

Xia Ning took the card and took a look. His position was Consulting Lawyer at Shengshi Group. She moved her mouth. “Seems like you and President Qiao have a close relationship.”

“For sure. I’m Alex’s brother,” Mu Zichen said without thinking.

Xia Ning nodded and asked, “Do you know me?”

“Of course. I’ve heard a lot about you from Alex.”

Xia Ning suddenly remembered something and smiled slightly. “So if I don’t buy you a couple of drinks, it would be a waste of our first meeting.” As she spoke, she said to the waiter, “Open two bottles of Whiskey.”

Gao Yang was surprised. He looked to Xia Ning in confusion. “You drink?”

Xia Ning asked back, “Why? Can’t I drink?”

Gao Yang stopped for a second and shook his head. “No, I was just curious.” Dancing and drinking. Was Xia Ning like this before?

“Sure, let’s drink. The two bottles are going to be on my tab,” Mu Zichen said immediately.

Wen Yue smiled and said to Mu Zichen, “You are mistaken. Asteria was saying two bottles for each.”

Mu Zichen: “…” He stared at Xia Ning and Wen Yue. Are these two women really women?

Xia Ning opened the bottles and passed them to Gao Yang and Mu Zichen across her. “Nice to meet you for the first time. Everything is on me so do I have the honor?”

Mu Zichen could never say no to a pretty face. He took the bottles and said directly, “Of course, no problem. With beauties by my side, how could I complain?”

Xia Ning moved her mouth and said to the waiter, “Two more please.”

The waiter opened one first and passed it to Xia Ning.

Xia Ning took the bottle and said to Mu Zichen, “Please!” As she spoke, she held the bottle and started to drink with her head high.

Mu Zichen opened his eyes wide seeing the alcohol going down, his mouth twitched. Did she know that this bottle was filled with freaking alcohol?

Gao Yang saw Xia Ning drinking like this and took out his phone immediately and sent a message out.

Xia Ning finished one bottle and put the bottle on the table. She then said to Mu Zichen with a smile, “Young Master Mu, your turn!”

Mu Zichen: “…” Had he known earlier, he would not have come to talk.