Chapter 306: Gao Yang’s Apology

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Seeing the unfinished bottle in Mu Zichen’s hand, Wen Yue shrugged and stood up. She patted his shoulder. “So Young Master Mu, can you do it or not?”

A man could stand anything but definitely not this question. Mu Zichen glared at her. “Don’t look down on me.” He took the bottle and started drinking like crazy.

Xia Ning darted a look at Wen Yue. Did she have any grudge against him? She moved her eyes to Gao Yang on the side. “Young Master Gao, are you not drinking?”

Gao Yang looked back at Xia Ning. To be honest, this was the first time for him to see Xia Ning like this. She looked nothing like that happy and outgoing girl he had seen before. Her real life was full of negativity.

She would drink, dance and spend time in a club. She was the same as a regular young person.

But when she was living in Cambridge, she was so pure and unbelievably perfect.

“Xia Ning, I heard you are shooting a movie soon,” Gao Yang said suddenly.

Xia Ning raised her eyebrows to look at him. “So what? What do you have to say, Young Master Gao?”

“I heard there are a lot of action scenes in this movie,” Gao Yang said.

Xia Ning looked at Gao Yang and nodded. “Thank you for your concern, Young Master Gao.”

Seeing Xia Ning’s cold look, Gao Yang said in a low voice, “Xia Ning, I’m sorry.”

Xia Ning looked back at him. “For what?”

“I didn’t know you and my brother already…”

“Gao Yang!” Xia Ning interrupted him suddenly. She took a deep breath. “Don’t mention that name in front of me. It’s not that I don’t dare to face it, but whatever he’s like has nothing to do with me. I just want to do what I want in peace.”

Gao Yang frowned slightly. “I don’t believe that you don’t like my brother anymore! Could you forgive him? It was all my fault. If you want someone to blame, blame me. Enoch also needs his mother.”

Xia Ning moved her lips but did not speak.

Many things could not be resolved by just forgiving. She and Qiao Yu’s relationship had already gone into a dead end.

It was very noisy in the bar. Xia Ning walked next to Wen Yue and patted her on the shoulder. “Don’t go overboard,” she said in a low voice.

Wen Yue looked at Xia Ning and smiled. “Just one bottle. He’s not drunk.”

Xia Ning stared at Wen Yue. So it seemed like she knew Mu Zichen?

Mu Zichen finished the bottle with great difficulty and his stomach almost stopped functioning. He looked at Xia Ning and Wen Yue somewhat helplessly. My god, women these days were harsh.

Wen Yue saw this and drank her bottle without saying anything. Mu Zichen’s eyes opened wide when he saw this.

The four of them were almost done drinking. Because Xia Ning was flying the next morning to the set, she could not really stay out for too long. So she left first.

Wen Yue was still drinking with Mu Zichen. Gao Yang was sitting next to Mu Zichen, taking care of the two.

Outside the bar, After Xia Ning took out her phone to call the designated driver, she stood by the roadside waiting for the car.

She drank too much tonight and felt like her heart was burning. She took out a packet of cigar and lit one. She was surrounded by smoke and the entire world felt surreal.

Smoke and alcohol were really good things. They made people forget their trouble.

A shadow came from behind her and a voice sounded, “Is this Miss Xia?”

Xia Ning heard and knew the designated driver was here. She put out the cigar, turned around and said calmly, “To the Mountain Villa…”

Before she could finish, something covered Xia Ning’s head. She felt a dull pain in her head and with some dizziness, she fell straight to the ground.