Chapter 307: The Kidnap

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The Maserati by the roadside drove away. Not long after, another Bentley came and stopped by the roadside.

Qiao Yu got off the car and took a look at the bar in front and frowned slightly.

He really did not know she liked nightclubs.

Qiao Yu walked in and saw the people coming in and out with their hair dyed in different colors. He frowned even more. He took out his phone to confirm with Gao Yang their location.

Gao Yang looked at Mu Zichen and Wen Yue and felt helpless in his heart.

These two drank way too much. He saw the empty bottles on the bar and exhaled bitterly. He would have to take them back later.

All of a sudden, his phone rang.

Gao Yang saw it was from Qiao Yu and picked up immediately.

“Brother, where are you?” Gao Yang looked up and caught sight of Qiao Yu walking towards him. He raised his hand and waved.

Qiao Yu walked over and looked at Mu Zichen and Wen Yue who were completely drunk on the side, and asked, “Where’s Xia Ning?”

“Xia Ning just left. Didn’t you see her? She left a moment ago,” Gao Yang answered.

Qiao Yu frowned slightly. “No, I didn’t see her.”

Gao Yang nodded. “You might have missed her. She might have already left.”

Qiao Yu turned around and left with a frown.

Just as he got out of the bar, he heard people talking outside, “Did you see? A woman was dragged into a car by a man just now.”

“Really? That woman looked fashionable and that man seemed sneaky. Is it a kidnapping?”

“No way, this is right by the road. Who would be so daring? Might be just a designated driver service.”

Qiao Yu looked to the group of middle-aged women talking next to him and suddenly felt somewhat unsettled. He walked up to them and asked directly, “Did you see their faces? Also, what type of car is it? What is the plate number?”

Seeing the handsome and noble man in front of them, the middle-aged women stepped back a little unconsciously. One of them answered, “I don’t know the car, but it was black and seemed expensive. The plate was local. I can’t remember it all but there was a 78 in the number.”

Qiao Yu thought back of Xia Ning’s plate and got nervous immediately. He took out his phone and made a call at once.

Gao Yang who was still in the bar, came out. He looked at Qiao Yu. “Are you sure Xia Ning’s kidnapped?”

“Not sure, but very likely. I’ve called the police and informed my people to search the city and find Xia Ning no matter the cost.” Qiao Yu opened the car door and got in. Now, he had to confirm if Xia Ning got home safely.

Xia Ning felt some bumps and the dizziness from the alcohol started to take over her mind. Xia Ning felt that her head was so heavy. She tried to move her hands but quickly realized that they were tied. She looked to the front only to see the endless road. With all the darkness at night, she could not see clearly where she was at all.

The only thing for sure was, she was in a car. The car was hers but she was abducted.

Xia Ning tried hard to sit up and look at the person driving in the front. There was a cap but she was sure that he was a guy.

“Who are you?” Xia Ning said in a low voice.

The man driving finally realized that Xia Ning was awake. His cold voice sounded, “I’m a man whose family was destroyed by you.”

Xia Ning frowned slightly. “Are you mistaken?”

“No. You are Xia Ning!” The car made a sudden turn and Xia Ning’s body was thrown to the side. Just at this time, the man in the front turned around and looked at her with endless gloominess in his eyes.