Chapter 308: Xia Ning’s Husband

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Xia Ning tried hard to stabilize her body and looked up to see that face.

She was not familiar with the face, so she might not have met this person before.

“I don’t think I know you!” Xia Ning frowned and said.

The man stopped the car by the road and looked at her coldly. “You don’t know me, but I know you.”

“You said I caused the destruction of your family. Can you tell me what happened?” Xia Ning asked.

The man pressed down his cap and said, “Don’t try to make me talk.”

“You dared to show me your face so I guess you are not letting me go today. So why would it matter if you tell me or not?” Xia Ning smiled calmly. “Or are you saying, there’s some uncertainty that’s stopping you from taking the risk.”

“You’ve got such a sharp mouth!” The man sneered. “No wonder a man like Qiao Yu would fall for you!”

Qiao Yu? Xia Ning frowned slightly. Why did it involve Qiao Yu again?

“Tell me!”

The man looked at Xia Ning. “Did you forget what happened a couple of months ago? Well, why would you care!”

Outside the Mountain Villa, Qiao Yu drove in and found that it was all dark. He was almost sure Xia Ning did not make it back and she was kidnapped.

Just at this time, his phone rang. Qiao Yu picked it up at once.

“Anything on the cameras? Do we know who?”

“I will be there in a second!” Qiao Yu hung up and looked extremely cold. He turned the car around and drove away.

At the police station, Gao Yang was watching the surveillance video with others.

When he saw that face, he said to the police next to him suddenly, “I know him.”

Wen Yue’s head cleared immediately when she heard that Xia Ning was missing. She took out her phone to call Xia Ning, just to find her phone was turned off.

She made a call to Zheng Ziming immediately. In S City, Zheng Ziming had more connections than her.

When Qiao Yu came to the police station, he asked Gao Yang at once who the kidnapper was.

Gao Yang looked at Qiao Yu and said with an apologetic tone, “Brother, I saw the video. It was Qian Feng!”

Qiao Yu frowned slightly and his face turned extremely ugly.

Gao Yang was aware of the anger inside Qiao Yu right now. He sighed and said, “I haven’t contacted him for months. You know when the Qian Group went broke, his life became tough. Later, his father suffered from a heart attack because of debts and died. His mother became depressed and jumped off a building. I think he might have blamed everything on you. He then somehow learned Xia Ning’s relationship with you and abducted Xia Ning to take revenge on you!”

“Agree to all his requests. Just ask him to let Xia Ning go,” Qiao Yu said in a low voice.

Gao Yang nodded. “We are all waiting for Qian Feng’s call right now. I will communicate with him.”

On the side, ever since Qiao Yu came in, Wen Yue’s eyes were fixed on him. She wanted to see what this man was like, to have changed Asteria’s personality completely.

True, a man like this would attract Asteria’s attention. But her instinct told her, falling for a man like this would make one’s life miserable.

Qiao Yu noticed a pretty woman staring at him from the side. His eyes fell onto her.

Gao Yang saw this and introduced to Qiao Yu, “This is Xia Ning’s friend, Wen Yue.” As he spoke, he said to Wen Yue, “This is…”

Wen Yue raised her eyebrows. “I know. You are President Qiao from the Shengshi Group. Nice to meet you. I’m Wen Yue, Xia Ning’s good friend.”

Qiao Yu nodded, “Nice to meet you. I’m Qiao Yu, Xia Ning’s husband.”