Chapter 309: Beating Qiao Yu Up

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Xia Ning’s husband? Wen Yue stared at Qiao Yu’s cold face and smiled suddenly. “If I remember correctly, you’ve already divorced. If you are anything to her now, it’s just the ex-husband.”

Qiao Yu said calmly, “It will be her husband sooner or later.”

Wen Yue smiled and did not speak. But in her heart, she could not help but sigh. Such an overbearing man. But the Asteria now was not a little bird looking for a home. If this man wanted to get her back, it would not be that easy.

Just at this time, Zheng Ziming walked in from outside the police station. The second he saw Qiao Yu, his face turned ugly.

But the most important task right now was to find Asteria. He looked to Wen Yue and said, “Wen Yue, how are things?”

Wen Yue walked up directly and said, “Ziming, the suspect who kidnapped Asteria is almost confirmed.”

Hearing the word kidnap, Zheng Ziming felt his heart tightening. He went to find a policeman for more details on the case.

Gao Yang saw Zheng Ziming’s behavior and frowned. This person had been around Xia Ning before. He did not expect that after so many years, they were still in a good relationship. He could not help but look at Qiao Yu on the side. Zheng Ziming really knew how to enjoy the benefits of a favorable position.

Qiao Yu darted a look at Gao Yang and frowned slightly.

Gao Yang moved his face away immediately and did not say anything.

Zheng Ziming found out what was going on and was so upset that he rushed over and hit Qiao Yu in the face.

Qiao Yu did not see that coming and received it right in the face.

Gao Yang blocked in front of Qiao Yu immediately. He yelled at Zheng Ziming, “What the f*ck are you doing?”

A few policemen came to stop Zheng Ziming.

Zheng Ziming struggled and shouted at Qiao Yu, “I just wanted to f*cking hit him. He’s a f*cking jerk. He hurt Asteria before and got her in trouble again this time. Qiao Yu, if you are still a f*cking man, go now and turn yourself in for Asteria!”

“Stop the fight. Where do you think you are?” a policeman said to Zheng Ziming unpleasantly.

Qiao Yu touched the corner of his mouth. There was blood. He looked to Zheng Ziming and said in a low voice, “I will get Xia Ning back.”

Zheng Ziming sneered, “Well, you are the president of Shengshi and who doesn’t know how expensive your life is? I will save Asteria. I’m warning you today, don’t show up in front of her again, or I will not let you go.’

Qiao Yu stared at Zheng Ziming and did not speak because it was indeed him who got Xia Ning involved this time.

But Gao Yang could not take it. “Zheng Ziming, aren’t you in charge of too many things? Xia Ning being with my brother has nothing to do with you. Who the heck are you to her?”

“Who am I to her? I lived with her for more than a decade and you think it’s worth less than Qiao Yu’s one year with her?” Zheng Ziming scoffed and looked to Qiao Yu. “Don’t think too much of yourself. Do you still think Asteria is as silly as before, Qiao Yu? Be smart and go the hell away.”

Qiao Yu stared at Zheng Ziming and looked sullen. “It’s my business with her. Even if you are her family, you don’t have the right to decide for her.”

Family? Hearing this word, Zheng Ziming felt his heart was torn. Yes, he liked Asteria and had always been. But he knew she treated him like family. Now Qiao Yu was putting salt on his wound. It was not really embarrassing but he just could not let it go.

If she could fall for someone like Qiao Yu, why would she not fall for him?!

“Even if Asteria doesn’t like me, you think she’ll like you again? Qiao Yu, ask your own conscience about what you did to her before? I’ll tell you this. The mistakes you’ve made, she will never forgive!” Zheng Ziming sneered. He disregarded Qiao Yu’s ugly face and turned around and looked to the police on the side. “I put a GPS tracker on Xia Ning’s car. We should be able to find her quickly.”