Chapter 310: Killing You Might Make Him Feel Heartbroken

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Following the GPS info provided by Zheng Ziming, they soon found the location of Xia Ning’s car.

Within the past few hours, the car had already reached the border of the S City. When the search started, according to the GPS, the car had stopped.

Zheng Ziming wanted to go to Xia Ning at once. Wen Yue saw this and wanted to go as well.

But the police would not approve, thinking it was too dangerous for them.

“If I trust you with Asteria’s life, do you guarantee you can save her?” Zheng Ziming lost his temper at the police. Xia Ning being abducted had driven him almost crazy.

Wen Yue knew Zheng Ziming’s feelings for Xia Ning. She had to calm him down.

Qiao Yu looked at the police and said, “I will go as well.”

For this President of Shengshi, higher-ups had called, saying they had to keep him safe.

“President Qiao, just trust us, the police with this,” the head of the police tried to persuade him.

Qiao Yu looked at him. “She’s my wife so of course, I have to save her.”

Zheng Ziming stared at Qiao Yu and coldly said, “What good can you do by going there? Maybe once you go, the kidnapper will just kill her… Sh*t, what nonsense am I saying?”

Eventually, Wen Yue reminded Zheng Ziming, “It’s urgent. Don’t waste time.”

Finally, the police and Qiao Yu, together with Zheng Ziming and the others went together to the location shown on the GPS.

On the side of the road, Xia Ning was taken out of the car. Both of her hands and feet were tied, so she could not move at all except for standing still.

Qian Feng stared at Xia Ning with a cold face, “Now can you still say that my mother’s death had nothing to do with you and Qiao Yu?”

Xia Ning frowned slightly. She had never thought that the bankruptcy of the Qian Group had led to so many things. Previously, someone was already saying that Qiao Yu turned against the Qian Group because the president of the Qian Group was into her and even used publicity stunts to force her. That crossed Qiao Yu and that was how the Qian Group got destroyed.

Back then, she did not believe it. But knowing Qiao Yu’s attitude towards her lately, it might actually be possible.

“Your mother’s death is an accident. Of course, it might partially be due to the bankruptcy of your father’s company,” Xia Ning answered. “I don’t think it was our fault.”

Qian Feng looked at Xia Ning with dark eyes. “What do you mean?”

Xia Ning said calmly, “The reason why the Qian Group went broke was just because of your father’s greed. I had nothing to do with your father. But he started it and I was just the victim.

Then, Qiao Yu made your father’s company bankrupt. It was Qiao Yu’s fault but didn’t it mean that your Qian Group was very vulnerable? Wars in the business world are inevitable. If you blame the bankruptcy of your company on other people, that doesn’t sound fair. Didn’t the Qian Group rise from the demise of other companies?

As for your mother’s death, I’m really sorry to hear that. But haven’t you realized that it might just be an accident? I’ve heard a little about your family. Your parents did not have a good relationship. I don’t think your mother would jump off a building for your father or let you go because of the bankruptcy. Don’t tell me that you think you were less important than money in your mother’s heart?”

Quan Feng heard these words and started shouting out loud as if he was provoked by something, “Nonsense. Why would my mother not love me? Cut the sh*t. If it was not for you, Qiao Yu would not have taken on the Qian Group. Since he cares so much about you, killing you might make him feel heartbroken. I want him to have a taste of what I have suffered.” He was smiling in a scary way and a knife suddenly appeared in his hand out of nowhere. It was shining in the sharp breeze.