Chapter 311: Do You Want A Fight?!

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A car was racing on the wide road. Zheng Ziming was sitting in the passenger seat and he urged, “Faster. Go faster! Do you know how to f*cking drive?”

The person who was driving was Qiao Yu. His face was not looking good but he did not speak. The speed had already gotten to 150km per hour.

Gao Yang, who was sitting in the backseat heard this so many times that he yelled at Zheng Ziming, “Can you be f*cking quiet? If you want it faster, why didn’t you take the plane? That’s faster.”

Zheng Ziming turned around and glared at Gao Yang in the back. “I was not talking to you. Shut the f*ck up!”

“Why, do you want a fight?” Gao Yang got upset too. He stood up a little and looked like he was going to hit someone.

Wen Yue could not help but pull Gao Yang down and yelled at Zheng Ziming, “Ziming, can’t you be quiet? Think about it. Asteria is still in the kidnapper’s hands. The more time you delay, her life could be in more danger!”

Hearing Wen Yue mentioning Xia Ning, Zheng Ziming’s face changed immediately. Panic and worry flew through his face. He sat back in the seat immediately.

If anything happened to Asteria, what should he do? Zheng Ziming covered his face with hands. He did not dare to think and did not want to think about it. He was sure that she would be fine.

“Wen Yue, Asteria will be fine.”

“I know! I don’t think anything would happen to her either. Ziming, calm down first. I understand your feelings,” Wen Yue said, trying to comfort him.

Zheng Ziming shook his head. “No, you don’t understand. The thing that I regretted the most in my entire life was letting her do what she wanted to do back then. I regretted that I was not always by her side. I promised her that I would never leave her side. You know, she’s my life!”

Wen Yue went into silence. She knew the best about Zheng Ziming and Xia Ning’s relationship. Asteria’s childhood was spent together with Zheng Ziming, Zheng Ziming’s with Xia Ning, of course. These two were more like family even though they were not blood-related. Moreover, Zheng Ziming had unspeakable feelings for Asteria.

Qiao Yu’s beautiful face had a layer of frost on it. No man could just sit there and listen to another person confessing his feelings for his woman in the same room.

However, that past was something that he was never a part of and he had no right to rebuke.

“Don’t make a fool of yourself here. Xia Ning is into my brother!” Gao Yang spoke out in an ironic way suddenly.

Zheng Ziming turned around and looked at Gao Yang coldly. His eyes were like knives trying to cut him into pieces.

Gao Yang was caught by surprise too. He frowned and said, “What do you want?”

“I’ll tell you this. It’s urgent today. Otherwise, I won’t just let this go,” Zheng Ziming said coldly.

Gao Yang was upset too. He glared back. “What do you mean? You think I’m afraid of you?”

“Gao Yang, shut up!” Qiao Yu who was driving in the front said suddenly. “The GPS says we are only 10km away from Xia Ning’s location.”

10km?! Zheng Ziming and Gao Yang quieted down immediately.

Wen Yue breathed slightly and said to Zheng Ziming, “Ziming, you are good at fighting. The task to save Asteria would fall more on you.”

“I know!” Zheng Ziming answered.

It was dark. A Maserati was parked there quietly, and nothing was moving around it.

A Bentley was coming from behind and stopped at about 100m away from it. Soon, the police cars arrived too.

The moment Zheng Ziming got out of the car, he wanted to go straight to the Maserati. A few policemen stopped him.

“What are you doing?” Zheng Ziming yelled at the policemen.

One of the police said in a low voice, “Do not be impulsive. The hostage is still in his hand.” As he spoke, he waved his arm. “Everyone, pay attention!”