Chapter 312: Thank God You Are Okay

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Zheng Ziming wanted to say something else, but Wen Yue pulled him from behind. At this very moment, Asteria’s safety was definitely more important.

Qiao Yu walked up and looked at that Maserati with deep eyes. No one knew what was on his mind.

It was Gao Yang who started talking. “The car has been here for a long time. Is it broken? Maybe the kidnapper is gone.”

Ziming darted a look at Gao Yang. “Impossible. Asteria’s car would never break on this kind of road. That car is modified with better performance. Every time Asteria drives it out, it will be checked professionally.”

Gao Yang was surprised. “Looks like Xia Ning cares a lot about her life,” he followed with a slight smile.

Zheng Ziming’s eyes became cold. He did not want to fight with Gao Yang and said to the police on the side, “What do we do now?”

“We should first try to talk and then the attack team can look for opportunities!” one of them answered.

Zheng Ziming nodded and asked to join the attack team. He saw Qiao Yu standing on the side and sneered. “Are you here to drag everyone down?”

“I’m afraid you are the one to drag everyone down!” Qiao Yu glanced at him.

Zheng Ziming scoffed and did not speak.

The police started talking to the car in front of them, “Qian Feng, you are surrounded. Let go of the hostage and turn yourself in. We will try to cut you a better deal.”

The words were loud, but nothing came back from the Maserati in the front.

Zheng Ziming and the others got the instructions and started to approach the Maserati immediately.

There was nothing around the car and it was quiet. Nothing was moving.

It was too dark and with the reflective glass, it was impossible to see what was going on inside.

Zheng Ziming got extremely nervous and started to knock hard on the window suddenly, “Asteria, Asteria…”

All the police around them held their guns, pointing to the car window.

Qiao Yu pulled the four doors and checked everywhere around the car. There was no sign of an oil leakage. His deep eyes were fixed on the door for the backseat.

Zheng Ziming ran out of patience and said to the police, “Let’s break the windows!”

The policeman nodded and said to the back, “Prepare the tools to break the windows!”

The police behind got the instructions and someone was on it immediately.

Just as everyone was getting in position, one of the car doors made a noise. And slowly, the door for the backseat was opened.

Zheng Ziming opened his eyes wide and stared at the direction of the door. The rest of the police held up their guns and aimed immediately.

A slender figure walked out of the car. She touched her hair and looked like she was a little tired. She frowned and said, “Why is it so noisy?” She looked around and saw the police around her. “Are you checking DUI? I drank but I did not drive!” she said at once.

“Asteria, you are okay!” Zheng Ziming suddenly ran to her and hugged her immediately. “Thank God you are okay. Thank God. You gave me such a fright? I was so afraid that history would repeat itself!”

Xia Ning did not get out of Zheng Ziming’s hug. She knew clearly about Zheng Ziming’s care for her. But… She frowned slightly, “Why are you here? What’s going on?”

On the side, Qiao Yu was already walking but he stopped. He looked at what was in front of him with deep eyes. At this moment, he wished so much that the person hugging her was him. God knows that when he saw she was safe, he felt like no trouble or difficulty in this world was important.

“Miss Xia, do you know where the suspect went?” the policeman on the side asked suddenly. “Also, how did you get out of the dangerous situation?”