Chapter 313: It Will Not Affect The Filming Of The Movie

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The words from the police reminded Zheng Ziming. Now was not a good time to catch up. He let go of Xia Ning and said to her in a low voice, “Asteria, did the suspect do anything to you?”

Xia Ning looked at Zheng Ziming and said with a frown, “What do you mean? What suspect?”

“Huh?” Zheng Ziming looked back at Xia Ning with confusion.

Xia Ning thought for a second and glanced at the police around them. “It can’t be that you think I was kidnapped.”

The police stared at Xia Ning in shock as well. Was she not?!

Seeing the faces of the police and Zheng Ziming, Xia Ning understood everything. She curled her lips. “Are you imagining too much so late at night? I just requested a designated driver and asked him to drive me around. It’s so funny to hear that I was kidnapped.”

“Miss Xia, did the suspect forced you to say this?” one of the police looked at Xia Ning and said in a low voice.

Zheng Ziming pulled Xia Ning’s arm. “Asteria, what happened? We saw the surveillance and a guy named Qian Feng took you.”

Xia Ning stared at Zheng Ziming and said with a frown, “What are you talking about?”

Just at this time, Qiao Yu walked up and said to Xia Ning, “Qian Feng is from the Qian Group that went bankrupt. A lot of things happened and we don’t have to talk about it now. You just need to know that we saw from the surveillance camera that Qiao Yu drove you away in the car. He might harm your safety.”

Xia Ning looked at Qiao Yu and raised her eyebrows a little. “Why are you here, President Qiao?”

“Xia Ning, my brother was worried about your safety. He’s been looking for you the second he learned that you were gone!” Gao Yang said immediately.

Xia Ning darted a look at Gao Yang and looked back at Qiao Yu. She nodded and said, “Thank you for your concern, President Qiao. It will not affect the filming of the movie.”

Qiao Yu’s dark eyes were fixated on Xia Ning. Her face was too calm and completely uninterested about his appearance tonight.


Gao Yang stared at Qiao Yu with a shocked face. It was obviously not like that! Brother was very concerned about Xia Ning and that was why he came. It was purely because of his care for her and it had nothing to do with work.

“Xia Ning…” Gao Yang could not help but speak.

Zheng Ziming blocked in front of Gao Yang immediately and said to Xia Ning, “Asteria, why don’t you tell us how you left the bar?”

“Zheng Ziming, you…” Gao Yang stared at Zheng Ziming’s back in anger.

Qiao Yu darted a glance at him and he finally calmed down.

Xia Ning took a look at Zheng Ziming and said to the police, “I was drunk so I found a designated driver to take me out. Was there an issue?”

“But…” the police was ready to ask some questions.

“Are you saying my driver was a bad guy and I got kidnapped?” Xia Ning smiled slightly and opened the car door. She said to the person inside. “Master Qian, could you come out?”

Everyone stared at Xia Ning in shock and then their eyes moved to the door on the driver side.

The door was suddenly opened. A guy in a shirt and a cap walked out under everyone’s eyes.

Seeing the face under the cap, everyone’s face changed. That was Qian Feng!

“Fengzi!” Gao Yang shouted in a low voice. He walked up and grabbed Qian Feng’s clothes. “It was indeed you. Are you f*cking insane?”

Qian Feng looked at Gao Yang with calm eyes. “It’s me!” He curled his lips. “Why? Do I make you feel ashamed to have a friend like me who makes money with their own hands?”