Chapter 315: Why Should I Believe You

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Inside the Maserati, Zheng Ziming was looking at Qian Feng with alert, as if he was afraid that he would do something dangerous.

Wen Yue was slightly better than Zheng Ziming, but she was not treating Qian Feng nicely either.

Xia Ning had drunk a lot at night and now, the alcohol started to get to her head. Xia Ning was a little sleepy, but after what happened just now, she had no intention of sleeping anymore.

“Well, don’t be so alert. Qian Feng will not do anything to us,” Xia Ning said suddenly.

Zheng Ziming looked at her immediately, “Asteria, it’s okay if you lie to others. I know you very well and this guy definitely wanted to kidnap you.”

“You’re right. He wanted to kidnap me but later he gave up,” Xia Ning said suddenly. “Ziming, being a person is like running a business. You don’t drive people to the dead end every single time.”

“Well, Asteria, no need to try to talk me out. Since he was a kidnapper, he should be at the police station. I’m calling the police,” Zheng Ziming said angrily.

Xia Ning darted a look at him. “One more word and I will kick you out of the car!”

Zheng Ziming: “…” This was f*cking in the middle of nowhere. If he really got kicked out, how would he be able to go back?

Wen Yue on the side said with a smile, “Well, Ziming, Asteria must have her own reason to do this. You know her better.”

Zheng Ziming calmed down completely this time. He glared at Qian Feng for a while and looked to the front.

“Thank you!” Qian Feng who was being quiet all the way said suddenly.

Xia Ning looked to Qian Feng. “You’re welcome. You need to keep your promise and I will keep mine.”

Qian Feng’s face turned more serious. “I know.”

Zheng Ziming did not follow what they were saying, and asked immediately, “What are you talking about?”

Xia Ning closed her eyes slightly and did not speak, obviously, not wanting to answer Zheng Ziming’s question. What happened just now could not help but rush back into her head.

In the darkness, that silver knife was coming at her. Xia Ning knew that if she took one step wrong, her life would end here.

“I know you must be curious about my relationship with Qiao Yu! After all, if a man like Qiao Yu did something to others because of a woman, that woman must mean something to him,” Xia Ning said suddenly.

Qian Feng’s steps stopped for a second. He looked at Xia Ning. “So what’s your relationship with him?” His guts were telling him that this woman was smart.

Xia Ning said calmly, “I have nothing to do with him. If anything, I’m his ex-wife!”

Qian Feng stared at Xia Ning in shock and disbelief. Qiao Yu was married! And to a nameless little actress?

“Why, you don’t believe me?!” Xia Ning smiled slightly. “Well, well. There was nothing about me and him in the news. But think about it. Why is Qiao Yu so concerned about me? Of course, he is worried that if I get hurt, our relationship will be revealed.”

“What do you want to say?” Qian Feng stared at Xia Ning and said in a low voice.

Xia Ning curled her lips. “In fact, you are not sad about your father’s death. As for your mother’s death, you know clearly that it had nothing to do with me and Qiao Yu, right? But you cannot live with it, because you are upset that you dropped from a rich young master to a beggar on the street. Am I right?”

Qian Feng stared at Xia Ning in shock.

Xia Ning continued, “I can make your life better than before and help you realize your dream. This time, it will be all yours and you don’t have to listen to your father like before.”

Qian Feng scoffed. “Why should I believe you?”

Xia Ning raised her eyebrows. “Because I’m Qiao Yu’s ex-wife, I hate him more than you do. Also, because I’m Asteria Su.”