Chapter 317: Awkward Feelings

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Early next morning, Wen Yue got up to help Xia Ning pack.

“Asteria, don’t people like you have managers and assistants? Why is there no one here to help you pack?” Wen Yue pushed the suitcase to the door and looked at Xia Ning who was eating at the table and said.

Xia Ning sipped some milk and did not reply.

Zheng Ziming darted a look at Xia Ning and said suddenly, “Why did I hear that Lu Qing and you are not on good terms lately?”

Xia Ning looked back. “You certainly know things.”

Zheng Ziming heard that and looked somewhat awkward. “I was a bit busy lately, so…”

“Don’t explain. What else could you be busy with? Girls?” Wen Yue walked to the table and said with a smile. “I heard you are very close to a certain young model. I am curious about what you like about her. That hourglass body?”

Zheng Ziming heard this and looked even more awkward. He glimpsed at Xia Ning secretively.

Xia Ning looked as if she did not hear anything and continued eating her breakfast leisurely.

Zheng Ziming coughed a little and said, “Asteria, rest assured that I will take care of Lu Qing for you.”

Xia Ning put down her glass and looked as if she thought of something. She said, “Look into Fu Yao’s cousin. I heard Lu Qing has been very close to him recently.”

“Do you know of anything?” Zheng Ziming asked.

Xia Ning darted a look at him. “You should know better than me.”

Zheng Ziming nodded, “Well, I know what to do. I’ve started to look for new agents for you.”

Xia Ning took another sip of the milk and used a napkin to wipe off the corner of her lips. She then stood up and walked up the stairs.

Once she was gone, Zheng Ziming turned to Wen Yue immediately, “Can’t you save some face for me in front of Asteria?”

Wen Yue nodded. “Yeah, I do need to save you some face. But your personal life is really corrupted. You kept saying you care about her but you should look at what you are doing!”

“How could you ask me what I’m doing? You are just the same,” Zheng Ziming said in an impatient tone. “Your guys, which one of them did you date for longer than a month? Don’t call me a playboy. You are the same.”

“That’s because I don’t have anyone in my heart. Ziming, you like her but you turned things into this. You think she would still like you?” Wen Yue looked at him ironically. “If it was me, I’d think you are too dirty!”

“You…” Zheng Ziming was so upset and glared at Wen Yue.

Wen Yue stuck her tongue out at him, turned around and left.

Zheng Ziming watched Wen Yue’s back and looked somewhat sad. How could he not know this?

But she was so clever. Without those covers of his, sooner or later, she would know. At that time, it would be really awkward.

Asteria liked pure relationships. If she took him as her friend, he could only be her friend.

After everything was done, Zheng Ziming took Xia Ning to the airport directly. And at the airport, Lin Nan was already waiting there.

“Xia Ning!” Not too far away, Lin Nan was waving at Xia Ning.

Xia Ning saw Lin Nan and was surprised. She then waved and said, “Brother Lin?”

Lin Nan pulled his luggage over and said to Xia Ning, “I knew this is your flight. I was right.”

“Brother Lin, are you on this one as well? What a coincidence. We can keep each other company now,” Xia Ning said with a smile and turned to Zheng Ziming. “No need to see me off. I will go in with Brother Lin.”

“Are you sure?” Zheng Ziming sized Lin Nan up with some emotion in his eyes.

Xia Ning said without thinking, “Yeah, you should go back.”

Lin Nan smiled and said to Zheng Ziming, “Thank you, Young Master Zheng. I will take good care of Xia Ning.”

Zheng Ziming: “…” Since when did people start to say thank you to him for Asteria?

His eyes were moving back and forth between Xia Ning and Lin Nan. He frowned a little. Also, since when did Asteria start to get close to this old guy?