Chapter 318: A Good Man Doesn’t Backtrack

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Watching Xia Ning and Lin Nan walking into the gate together, Zheng Ziming was so upset that he wanted to go up and separate the two.

Had these men never seen a woman before? When they see Asteria, it was like a starving dog watching a fragrant bun with hungry eyes.

But from now on, Asteria would be shooting movies with this guy. There was no way he could stop that. The best solution would be for him to go visit her often.

Just as Zheng Ziming was leaving, he turned around and saw Qiao Yu walking towards him. He frowned a little and walked up at once.

“Qiao Yu, why are you here?” He was like a ghost that was everywhere.

Qiao Yu stopped and looked to Zheng Ziming. “This is the airport.”

“Of course, I know it’s the airport,” Zheng Ziming said without thinking.

Qiao Yu stared at him. “So?”

“You are not allowed to go to Y Province!” Zheng Ziming glared at Qiao Yu. This man was definitely trying to show up in front of Asteria when she was on the set. Last time, he pulled the same trick in the J City.

Chen Hong, who was behind Qiao Yu said, “Young Master Zheng, this airport does not belong to SE Entertainment, right? Our Boss has a big project going on. So please step back.”

Hearing this, Zheng Ziming got even more irritated. He looked at Qiao Yu and said, “I know you are f*cking gloating about your money. Yeah sure, Qiao Yu, you are certainly rich. But so what? It’s not like money can solve every problem in this world.”

Qiao Yu stared at Zheng Ziming and did not speak.

Zheng Ziming breathed slightly and said to Qiao Yu coldly, “I just realized how f*cking shameless you are. Asteria asked you to f*ck off, yet you are still going after her. Where were you back then? Qiao Yu, a good man doesn’t backtrack. Not to mention that you are a bad man and she cares nothing about you. Stop your cheap tricks. They are gross!” As he spoke, he marched forward and left.

Qiao Yu’s handsome face did not show any change of emotion. Only Chen Hong next to him could feel the coldness from Boss.

This Young Master Zheng of SE was something, daring to talk to Boss like this.

“Let’s go!” Qiao Yu suddenly moved his feet and started to walk.

Chen Hong nodded. “Yes!” He watched Qiao Yu’s back and could not help praising him. No wonder he was the Boss of the corporation. Even after such harsh critiques, he did not show anything on his face. But this also demonstrated Miss Xia’s place in Boss’s heart.

In the economy-class cabin, Lin Nan and Xia Ning were sitting together. They picked seats together when they checked in.

Lin Nan sat next to the window and Xia Ning was next to him. The aisle seat was empty and the passenger had not arrived yet.

“Do you want to see the scenery from the window?” Lin Nan said to Xia Ning.

Xia Ning darted a look at the window and shook her head. “No, I don’t like window seats.”

“Why not?” Lin Nan looked to Xia Ning. “Are you afraid of heights?”

“Nope,” Xia Ning said calmly. “My father died in a plane crash, so I’m a bit affected.”

Lin Nan nodded. “Sorry, I didn’t know.”

“Everyone has his own fate. In fact, I’ve thought this through a long time ago. My parents are in Heaven together now and this might be the best result for them.” Xia Ning smiled slightly. “I feel happy for them.”

Lin Nan stared at Xia Ning and said, “You are a strong girl.”

Xia Ning shook her head, “It’s not me being strong but rather things just happened and I could not be weak anymore.” She looked at Lin Nan. “Brother Lin, fate is a marvelous thing. A second ago, people can still be naive and nice, but after that moment, they have to start calculating everything.”

Lin Nan looked at Xia Ning in shock. Why would she think like this?

Just at this time, the cold voice of a man sounded. “Hello, excuse me. Can I put my luggage here?”