Chapter 319: The Same Path

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Lin Nan looked up and saw the cold but handsome face. He was caught by surprise by his sudden arrival.

Xia Ning looked over too and saw Qiao Yu standing next to her with a suitcase. She frowned slightly. Why was he always somewhere near her?

“Could you move your feet?” Qiao Yu stared at Xia Ning with a cold face, as if they were strangers.

Xia Ning took her gaze back and moved her legs.

Qiao Yu held the suitcase up and stuck it in the overhead bin. He then took off his suit and sat down right next to Xia Ning.

They were having a good conversation just now, but with Qiao Yu here, the air got cold immediately.

Feeling the seat being taken, Xia Ning frowned invisibly. Qiao Yu was rich, why would he fly economy? Were the first-class tickets gone that fast?

In the First-Class Cabin, a middle-aged man sat down following his boarding pass. He looked at the obviously more spacious seat and wanted to laugh out loud. F*ck, he ran into a moron today who gave up his first-class seat in exchange for an economy ticket.

Lin Nan saw that Xia Ning’s face was not looking good and was sure that something was going on between the two. But this would not affect his pursuit of Xia Ning.

What about the president of Shengshi? Love did not discriminate.

As long as Xia Ning wanted to be with him, he was afraid of nothing.

“Well, Xia Ning, did your father grow up in England?” Lin Nan said suddenly.

Xia Ning answered, “Yeah, my father was raised in England. But he was really interested in directing, so he went back to China and wanted to develop his career here.”

“So your parents met and fell in love on the set?”

Xia Ning thought for a second and said, “Not really. It happened at a friend’s place.”

Lin Nan looked to Xia Ning in surprise. “It can’t be…”

Xia Ning nodded and said, “You are right, it was indeed at Director Zeng’s place. Back then, my mum was a newcomer. She’d never been to any school for acting but she just loved it. One day, an actress was bullying my mum and my father saw it. It was a very cheesy play of saving the damsel in distress. But my mum fell in love with my father.” As she spoke, she smiled. “I heard from my mum that in the beginning, my father was very picky about her. He claimed that she did not have good acting skills and not even a good-looking face. But when they were on the set, whenever someone bullied my mum. it was always my father who stepped up for her first. My father was someone with a sharp mouth but a soft heart. When my mum got sick, he’d say that she was not working hard enough but he’d also buy medicine for her.”

“Sounds like your father was an awkward person,” Lin Nan said with a smile.

The two were chatting as if Qiao Yu next to them did not exist at all.

Xia Ning smiled slightly. “Yes, indeed. For a while, my mum suspected that there was something wrong with my father. In the beginning, she was really tormented by my father’s awkward personality.” As she spoke, she suddenly stopped for a second. “In fact, even till the very end, my mum was not sure if my father loved her or if it was just out of responsibility.”

“Why do you say so?” Lin Nan looked at Xia Ning, confused.

Xia Ning smiled again. “Because my parents came together because of me.” Just like Qiao Yu and her. She indeed went down the same path as her mum.

Lin Nan nodded. Getting married with a baby. He understood it. This kind of marriage might not be out of love.

“Your father definitely married your mother because he liked her.” From the side, a man’s cold voice sounded suddenly.