Chapter 320: The Fear

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Xia Ning turned around and looked at the man next to her with her eyes filled with surprise.

Qiao Yu was looking back at her with deep eyes.

As the two were staring at each other, a lot of information was being exchanged as well.

What did he mean by this? What did he know about this? Back then, didn’t he marry her out of responsibility? Xia Ning took her gaze back suddenly.

Lin Nan looked at Qiao Yu. His sudden comment made the air cold again. But why was he able to answer so assertively? He felt like he meant something else.

“President Qiao, how are you? Where are you going?” Lin Nan asked with a smile.

Qiao Yu’s eyes moved from Xia Ning to Lin Nan. He said calmly, “I have a project in W Province, so I need to get to K City. So we are going the same way.”

Lin Nan nodded and said with a smile, “President Qiao, you are really a busy person. The Shengshi Group is so large. I did not expect to see you doing everything for those projects yourself.”

“This time, it’s a government project, so it’s very important to the Group,” Qiao Yu said quietly. “What’s your filming location this time?’

Lin Nan raised his eyebrows. He did not know then. So he was not following them. It seemed like he was the one overthinking. How could the President of Shengshi Group put aside his own business and go after a girl?

“Just a remote little mountain village. You wouldn’t know even if we tell you, President Qiao,” Xia Ning spoke up suddenly. She looked at Qiao Yu and said with a smile, “But please don’t worry, President Qiao. We will not waste a penny of your investment in this movie.”

Qiao Yu saw the coldness in Xia Ning’s eyes and nodded. “Sure.” He sat straight and closed his eyes.

Just at this time, it was broadcasted that the plane was about to take off. The coldness on Xia Ning’s face went away slowly. She checked the seat belt and closed her eyes.

Lin Nan darted a look at Xia Ning next to him and then at Qiao Yu. He put away the questions in his head and closed his eyes as well.

The takeoff and landing of the planes were the worst.

As the plane was going through the runway and was ready to take off, Xia Ning’s hand shook suddenly. Qiao Yu next to her opened his eyes just to see Xia Ning’s tense face. Her body was shaking as well.

He suddenly remembered what he had just heard when he came over. She was afraid of flying!

It did not take a long time to take off. Because it was going up, even though it was scary, it was not the worst.

After the climb, Xia Ning’s entire body was relaxed. The fear of flying was one of the reasons for her to stay in Europe and not go anywhere else.

But when she had grown up, sometimes, she could not do everything as she wished.

But she was really afraid of flying.

When she saw the news of her father’s death in the newspapers, she and her mum almost went insane. Back then, both she and her mum had a lot of nightmares, with her father dying miserably in the plane crash. Therefore, she was very afraid of flying.

Everyone on the plane was resting. Xia Ning felt a bit sleepy as well. Last night, she did not sleep well.

After some time, the beautiful voice of the flight attendant sounded. “Our plane is about to land. Please be prepared.”

Xia Ning woke up suddenly. The lighting in the cabin was not great. Realizing the plane was about to land, the hidden fear in her heart came out immediately.

She was not ready preparing herself when the plane started to lose altitude. Her heart was almost jumping out of her chest and her hand was holding on to the corner of her shirt tightly.

In the dim light, a big hand reached out suddenly and covered her hand tightly, as if it was giving her strength.