Chapter 321: I Was Not Afraid

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In the darkness, that big warm hand felt like it was from God, calming her fear down immediately. She was not by herself and there was no need to be afraid.

She grabbed the hand instinctively as if she was holding onto the last straw that could save her from despair. Yes, she wanted to be saved.

It did not take long for the plane to land. When it was taxiing on the runway, all the lights in the cabin were turned on.

Xia Ning opened her eyes suddenly. It’s safe now, God Bless. She felt relieved in her heart.

Realizing she was holding onto something, she took a look just to see a big hand. She turned around to the seat next to her and then at the man suddenly. Her eyes went wide open. Had she been holding onto his hand?!

She let go immediately as if she was throwing some dangerous animal away.

Qiao Yu took back his hand and darted a look at Xia Ning. He said suddenly, “Planes are relatively safe to travel on. If you are afraid, just listen to some music.”

Xia Ning frowned slightly and said ironically, “Did you stay abroad for too long and forget that domestic flights do not allow electronic devices? Also, who told you I was afraid?”

Qiao Yu’s dark eyes moved a little. He looked at her and did not continue.

Lin Nan on the other side said suddenly, “Xia Ning, are you afraid of flying?”

Xia Ning nodded and said, “A little.”

“Then next time you fly, I will prepare some medicine to calm you down. You can go to sleep and wake up when it’s all over. Then you won’t be afraid,” Lin Nan said with a smile.

Xia Ning smiled back and wanted to say something.

“Any medicine has side effects.” Qiao Yu’s voice came from the side. “It’s better to not take them.”

The smile on Xia Ning’s face froze immediately. What did it have to do with him if the medicine had side effects or not?!

Lin Nan looked at Xia Ning awkwardly. He did not think of that just now.

“Thank you, Brother Lin. Please buy me some medicine next time,” Xia Ning said to Lin Nan suddenly.

Lin Nan took a look at Xia Ning and then at Qiao Yu’s unpleasant face. He nodded and said to himself, why were the two looking like they were in some kind of a fight?

The plane stopped and the passengers were ready to get off.

Qiao Yu took his suitcase out and started to walk outside. It seemed like he was really in a rush.

Xia Ning finally felt relieved. In any case, she did not want to see him at all.

Lin Nan walked out of the airport with Xia Ning. Their fans knew earlier that they were going through here, so there was a big crowd outside the airport.

Xia Ning had too many scandals lately. Additionally, the Internet thought she had a witty mouth so she had been gaining fans.

She had never run into fans at airports before, but she was not nervous at all. After all, she had seen more than this before.

But she felt that it was extra complicated.

The person she was with was an international Movie King, who had a handsome face. If they were caught up in some rumor together, even her mum would blame her for causing trouble to the man who helped them before.

“Brother Lin, how about you go first?” Xia Ning suggested. She remembered the last time when Lin Nan helped her distract the reporters, so she said again, “How about I go first? After I get out, you can come out.”

Lin Nan looked at her with confusion. “Why can’t we go together?”

Xia Ning said with a smile, “Brother Lin, you are so popular. I happen to be gaining a little popularity lately as well. If we go out together, who knows what’s going to show up on the Internet?”

Lin Nan stared at Xia Ning and frowned slightly. This little girl was avoiding him like he was some kind of fierce animal. What about being in the same gossip with him? Was she suggesting he was too old?

“That’s fine. I’m way older than you. The Internet won’t say random things,” Lin Nan said with a smile. Just let the Internet tell her that he might be into her. Otherwise, who knew how long it would take her to realize that?

Xia Ning darted a confused look at Lin Nan. Really? Never mind. If there were gossips, she would just say they were uncle and niece. But would the Internet buy it?