Chapter 322: The Test Of Popularity

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Just as Xia Ning was debating whether she should go with Lin Nan, Chen Hong walked over.

“Mr. Lin, Boss wants to see you over there.”

Lin Nan looked at Chen Hong in surprise. “What does President Qiao need from me?”

Xia Ning turned to Chen Hong as well. What did Qiao Yu want this time?

Chen Hong said with a smile, “You know, Boss is very interested in directing recently. So he has some questions to ask Mr. Lin. You know Boss has a tight schedule. So we have to trouble you to go over to him.”

Lin Nan frowned slightly. He wanted to say no. After all, this was not part of his job. Plus, obviously, Qiao Yu was disturbing him right now.

Xia Ning thought for a second and agreed suddenly. “Brother Lin, you better go. President Qiao is our investor. You can’t upset him.”

Lin Nan darted a look at Xia Ning and felt like laughing. This little girl thought he did not know what was on her mind. Wasn’t she just afraid of being involved with him in gossips?

“Sure, I will go now,” Lin Nan said to Chen Hong first and then turned to Xia Ning. “You better be careful when you walk out by yourself. Watch out for thefts.”

Xia Ning nodded. “Will do.”

Lin Nan then walked to Qiao Yu who was standing by the guardrail nearby. Chen Hong smiled at Xia Ning politely and followed Lin Nan.

Watching Lin Nan’s back, Xia Ning breathed slightly. She had no appetite for any more gossips lately. Let her be at peace for a little while and it would also help keep that old man happy.

This moment, she was very thankful for Qiao Yu’s narrow-mindedness.

When Chen Hong walked over with Lin Nan, Qiao Yu was looking down at his phone.

Lin Nan said to Qiao Yu politely, “I’m not sure what kind of questions you have for directing, President Qiao. I’m just a little actor and might not know a lot.”

Qiao Yu darted a look at Chen Hong and frowned slightly.

Chen Hong moved his face away at once. It was not his fault okay? Boss said to get Lin Nan here. He asked Boss what he wanted Lin Nan here for. Boss said calmly, “Do I need a reason to have him here?”

Come on, he was not the boss here. If he was to ask Lin Nan to come over, he needed a reason, okay? Therefore, he told Lin Nan that Boss wanted to ask about acting.

Qiao Yu put his phone away and darted a look at Lin Nan. “I have no questions about acting.”

“So what do you want, President Qiao?” Lin Nan looked at Qiao Yu with confusion. This did not sound like what he had heard just now. Now it looked like he came here deliberately for him.

Qiao Yu said calmly, “I just wanted to feel Mr. Lin’s popularity!”

Lin Nan looked at Qiao Yu, baffled. What was he talking about?

Chen Hong was laughing in his heart. That was a bullsh*t reason from Boss. He obviously did not want to see Movie King Lin walking out with Miss Xia, okay?

The passage in the airport was surrounded by fans waiting eagerly to take photos of their idol. But their eyes were all attracted by the other handsome man standing next to their idol.

My God, who was that man! How could he be more handsome than their idol?!

Wait, that face looked familiar from newspapers. That was Qiao Yu, the President of Shengshi Group. He looked even better than in the photos! The giant in business paired with that gorgeous face and long legs. He was more like a God than their idol.

Feeling that the cameras of the fans were switching focus, Lin Nan darted a look at the man next to him. He was a bit helpless. So was this man here to feel his popularity or just to show off his own popularity?