Chapter 323: The Taste Of Falling In Love

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When they got out of the airport, Qiao Yu walked into a car that had been waiting for him for a long time.

Lin Nan was surrounded by a group of fans and their questions were not even about him.

“Movie King Lin, are you close with President Qiao?”

“Movie King Lin, you are here for the movie. What is President Qiao here for? I heard he’s the investor of your movie. Is he involved in the production of the movie this time as well?”

“Movie King Lin, could you give me a private photo of President Qiao? He’s so handsome.”

Lin Nan was a confident person who trusted himself to be able to conquer his fans with his acting skills. Therefore, he did not care that much about whether his fans stuck with him or not.

But today, he was slapped in the face by his own fans. He felt somewhat helpless. That was very quick of them to switch sides. Do you even know what Qiao Yu is like?

To get out of the awkward situation, Lin Nan got himself a cab and left. He sent a WeChat message to Xia Ning. He added her on WeChat the last time they had lunch together.

After Lin Nan and Qiao Yu, Xia Ning did not feel any pressure when she came out.

She received Lin Nan’s message and got a cab as well.

After she left, in a nice car nearby, the man in the back seat said, “Do not let any gossips about Xia Ning and Lin Nan leak out.”

Chen Hong darted a look at Boss who was behind him. “Yes, sir!” To be honest, he felt that Movie King was miserable. His fans were stolen by Boss and now his little love game was sabotaged by Boss. Too bad he fell for the girl who was liked by Boss.


“Boss, I don’t know if I should say this or not,” Chen Hong said suddenly.

Qiao Yu took a look at him. “If you don’t know, then don’t.”

Chen Hong: “…” When did Boss start to tell jokes like this?

He pretended to cough a little and then said, “You are here in W Province for Miss Xia. Why didn’t you say so? If you like her, you should let her know.”

Qiao Yu glanced at Chen Hong. “Did Mu Zichen tell you to say this?”

“No!” Chen Hong shook his head. “It just seems like Miss Xia is treating you very coldly. It must be because you didn’t tell her your feelings in the right way. Last time in the police station, you were there specifically for her. But in the end, you just said that you didn’t want her to affect you negatively. Those words really hurt girls.”

Qiao Yu stared at Chen Hong. “Are you in a relationship?”

Chen Hong was caught by surprise. Then he said somewhat shyly, “Yeah I just started a relationship. In my hometown. She thinks my salary is pretty good and I think her looks are pretty good, so we are trying it out. But she is quite gentle, with a soft heart.”

“Salary and looks. You got together because of shallow reasons like these?” Qiao Yu frowned and felt discontented with what he heard.

Chen Hong: “…” What did he mean by shallow? Weren’t those all quite normal? The guy had some money and the girl had some looks. Everyone was happy with what they got.

But well, someone like Boss must have seen all kinds of beauties. He must have seen enough already and now only the spiritual communication mattered the most. Yes, spiritual communication. As for why his wife still could not get his true heart, that was always because no one could get in his overwhelming spiritual world.

“From this month, you will get a 10% raise. Think of it as your relationship fund,” Qiao Yu said suddenly.

Chen Hong stared at Qiao Yu in shock. Relationship fund?! Did he hear it wrong? Was that a real raise?!

Qiao Yu darted a look at him. “Am I a very bad boss?”

Chen Hong shook his head. “Nope.” He just felt that he was being too good. Before, how would Boss be concerned about his love life?

Qiao Yu ignored him and read the line of words on his phone screen.

When the people around you start new relationships, it will make you want to be in a relationship. This is a chain reaction.

Yes, he wanted to have a taste of being in a relationship, with her!