Chapter 324: Pouring Cold Water

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In the Qiao house, a group of women was sitting on the sofa. They were Jiang Xinyi, her mother, Gao Wanhua and Jiang Peiyun.

The servant came over with cups of tea and left.

Gao Wanhua held her cup and said to the women in front of her, “Everyone, please help yourself.”

Song Qing darted a look at Jiang Peiyun, gesturing for her to speak.

Jiang Peiyun immediately got the hint and said to Gao Wanhua, “Sister-in-law, Yu’s been in town lately. Is he busy?”

Gao Wanhua looked at Jiang Peiyun and said with a smile, “I don’t know much about his work. But he’s definitely not been home a lot lately.”

“I thought Yu was home to keep you company.” Jiang Peiyun raised her eyebrows. “After all, Brother-in-law has been gone for quite some time and you are always alone. Yu should spend more time with you as your son.”

Gao Wanhua smiled slightly. “Boys should focus more on their career. And it’s not like I’m so old that I can’t move anymore. With him around, I actually feel more uncomfortable.”

“You can’t say that, Sister-in-law. You are a nice person so you don’t care. But who knows if the others might say Yu is not being a good son?” Jiang Peiyun sighed and said. “Well, well. Yu is all grown up now. Why is he still not married? If he gets married, his wife would be able to keep you company. In that case, no matter how much time he spends on his career, no one would be able to say anything.”

Gao Wanhua smiled and did not talk.

Jiang Xinyi on the side saw Gao Wanhua not talking and got a little worried herself. In fact, she was running out of options. Brother Qiao did not give her any answer and even pushed her to the ground. She just hoped he would listen to his mum.

And the Jiang Group was on the edge of falling. Only marrying Qiao Yu could save them.

Jiang Peiyun continued, “Sister-in-law, I know you wouldn’t be able to make all the decisions for Yu. But ever since the ancient times, the marriage of the children is determined by parents and matchmakers. Yu treats you very well. If you say something, he would listen to you.”

Gao Wanhua looked at Jiang Peiyun and shook her head with a smile. “Sister-in-law, that’s not true. This is the twenty-first century and the old ways are no longer popular. We should let the kids decide what they want to do with their marriage so that he doesn’t hate me later.”

Jiang Peiyun frowned. “Sister-in-law, I don’t follow you. After all, you’ve had more salt than the rice he’s had. Your judgment of people is definitely sharper. Moreover, you are his mother. Why would you want to do him harm?”

If Gao Wanhua still pretended not to understand Jiang Peiyun, she would probably be wasting all the rice she had all these years. She said with a smile, “So what you are saying is, you want to match-make for Yu? I wonder which girl you have your eyes on.”

Jiang Peiyun heard this and smiled at once. “You know I’ve been worried about Yu’s marriage for so long. Of course, we need a nice and down-to-earth girl to be the wife of Yu.” As she spoke, she pulled Jiang Xinyi towards Gao Wanhua and introduced, “This is Xinyi, the best girl in our Jiang family. I’ve mentioned her to you last time, Sister-in-law. And you probably know her. She was at Brother’s funeral a few years ago. She likes Yu.”

Jiang Xinyi looked somewhat shyly at Gao Wanhua and greeted her politely, “Auntie.”

Gao Wanhua sized up Jiang Xinyi and said suddenly, “I remember you. A few years ago, the Old Master wanted Yu to marry you.”

Jiang Xinyi heard that and was very happy. She was ready to talk.

But Gao Wanhua poured cold water on her at once. “But Yu turned you down.”