Chapter 326: I Don’t Want To See You Again

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The living room turned quiet. Gao Wanhua stared at Jiang Xinyi, her well-maintained face not showing any change of emotion as if she did not hear what Jiang Xinyi had just said.

Jiang Xinyi thought Gao Wanhua did not follow what she was saying. She continued, “Auntie, Brother Qiao has been going on trips a lot lately. Do you think he’s doing that because of business? No, he’s doing it for a woman named Xia Ning. He even went to the filming set every day to see her. This woman bewitched him. For her, Brother Qiao even scolded Weiwei. Also for her, Brother Qiao let Weiwei get detained by police to ask questions…”

“What you are saying, Miss Jiang, is that my son is a person who cannot tell good from bad?” Gao Wanhua interrupted Jiang Xinyi suddenly.

Jiang Xinyi was caught by surprise. She did not mean that…

Gao Wanhua took her gaze back and grabbed the teacup on the table. She took a sip and continued, “Since you have so many discontents for my son, Miss Jiang, why are you still trying so hard to marry him?!”

Jiang Xinyi panicked and said immediately, “I’m not discontented with Brother Qiao. I’m just not happy about this woman Xia Ning.”

Gao Wanhua stared at her. “You keep talking about this Xia Ning. What is she like, Miss Jiang?”

Seeing Gao Wanhua changing her focus to Xia Ning, Jiang Xinyi was thrilled. She answered at once, “I hope you don’t get too upset about this, Auntie. This Xia Ning had unspeakable relationships with many men. She got into all kinds of scandals not long after her debut. I heard she even had her eyes on Gao Yang. I’m just afraid that after some time, this woman would destroy Brother Qiao and Gao Yang’s brotherhood. Auntie, you’ve got to stop this. Xia Ning is very calculated. None of the actresses who offended her ended up well. How could someone like this be part of the Qiao family?”

“I understand. If a man could easily be bewitched by some woman, he probably has nothing else to be liked about either.” Gao Wanhua looked at Jiang Xinyi. “Looks like it’s not that you are not good enough for my son, Miss Jiang, but my son is not good enough for you.”

Jiang Xinyi stared at Gao Wanhua in shock. She did not expect Gao Wanhua to say that.

“Auntie, it’s not Brother Qiao’s problem. It’s Xia Ning’s fault. She threw herself at Brother Qiao and Brother Qiao is just temporarily confused. I don’t mind.”

Gao Wanhua looked at Jiang Xinyi. “But I mind!”

Jiang Xinyi thought Gao Wanhua was just mad at Qiao Yu, so she said at once, “Everyone makes mistakes. As long as Brother Qiao is willing to change, it’s not a big problem.”

Gao Wanhua sized up Jiang Xinyi and stopped talking suddenly.

Jiang Xinyi got nervous by Gao Wanhua’s look, and said in a low voice, “Auntie…”

“Miss Jiang, you should leave,” Gao Wanhua took her gaze back and said coldly.

Jiang Xinyi: “…” She looked at Gao Wanhua, baffled. She did not understand what she meant. She ground her teeth. “Auntie, as long as you can make that woman, Xia Ning, leave Brother Qiao, I won’t mind.”

Gao Wanhua looked at Jiang Xinyi and smiled suddenly. “What you mean, Miss Jiang, is that my son has to marry you?”

“Auntie?” Jiang Xinyi looked at Gao Wanhua with widened eyes. She then realized that she was talking nonsense. “Auntie, I didn’t mean that. I…” she said at once.

“So what do you mean?” Gao Wanhua stared at Jiang Xinyi. “Miss Jiang, my son does not like you. Even I don’t like you. Humans need to have a bottom line. You need to know what you can say and what you can do.”