Chapter 327: Were You Pointing Fingers At Me?

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In the Qiao house, the living room quieted down. Jiang Xinyi was standing there looking shocked at the elegant woman in front of her.

She did not expect Gao Wanhua to say that to her. She was telling the truth. That woman, Xia Ning, was the one who tried to seduce Brother Qiao. Why was Auntie not listening?

“Auntie, I have no problem with Brother Qiao. I just really hate Xia Ning. She’s shameless. She’s seducing not only Brother Qiao but also Gao Yang. She’s even involved with many other rich men and actors. She…”

“Where did you hear about all these, Miss Jiang?” Gao Wanhua stared at Jiang Xinyi and asked.

Jiang Xinyi answered without thinking, “It’s all over the Internet. Auntie, you probably don’t spend enough time online to know this, but the comments online for her are extremely negative.”

Gao Wanhua looked to Jiang Xinyi and smiled suddenly. “In that case, you are just repeating rumors, Miss Jiang.”

“Auntie, they are not rumors. They are real. The info online can’t be wrong…” Jiang Xinyi wanted to explain.

Gao Wanhua cut her off immediately. “Talking bad about people behind their backs without having any evidence is not something someone who has moral standards would do. I don’t know what kind of grudge you have against Xia Ning, Miss Jiang. But I won’t interfere with my son’s love life. The only thing I’m sure of though, is that I don’t want you to be a member of the Qiao family, Miss Jiang. Please get out now!”

“Auntie?” Jiang Xinyi looked at Gao Wanhua in shock. “What did I do wrong?”

She was just revealing Xia Ning for who she was. Why would she not believe?!

Gao Wanhua was the eldest daughter of the Gao family. She received the best education when she grew up and she was a very typical well-educated lady from a big family. She was famous for having a good temper in the circle but now, Jiang Xinyi’s behavior really made her mad.

She wanted to throw dirt and alienate people but she got to know who she was dealing with first. If she did not know the truth, she might have suspected Xia Ning’s personality. But knowing Xia Ning was her son’s ex-wife, she would have to scrutinize what Jiang Xinyi was saying.

Even if her son had extremely bad taste, the person he married would not be someone with bad characteristics.

“Miss Jiang, were you pointing fingers at me just now?” Gao Wanhua looked at Jiang Xinyi and said suddenly.

Jiang Xinyi said at once, “No, Auntie, I was not…”

“Am I wrong? Qiao Yu is my son and I raised him. As for Gao Yang, I watched him growing up as well. If they fight over a woman, doesn’t it mean that I, Gao Wanhua, did not teach them well? Oh right, it’s the parents’ fault if they have children and don’t teach them well. So even my late husband would be blamed too,” Gao Wanhua stared at Jiang Xinyi and said in a low voice. “Miss Jiang, if you have any grudge against me, just tell it to my face.”

Jiang Xinyi looked at Gao Wanhua in shock and could not say a word. She forgot one thing. Gao Wanhua always looked out for her own people. When she was trying to step on Xia Ning just now, she stepped on Brother Qiao and Gao Wanhua too.

“Auntie, I’m sorry. No matter what, please trust that I have nothing against Brother Qiao and Gao Yang. It’s just that that woman, Xia Ning, is way too vicious. And I’m just worried that they will get hurt.” Jiang Xinyi bowed to Gao Wanhua. “I will leave you now.”

Gao Wanhua looked at Jiang Xinyi’s back and said suddenly, “I heard the Jiang Group is in big trouble lately.”

Jiang Xinyi stopped her steps suddenly and looked back. “Auntie, you must have heard it wrong. The Jiang Group is doing well,” she said with a smile.

Gao Wanhua nodded. “That’s good to know. I was thinking that if the Jiang family is facing difficulty, I should ask Qiao Yu to help out. Seems like there’s no need for that. Miss Jiang, see you.” As she spoke, she picked up the teacup and started to drink tea.

Jiang Xinyi: “…”