Chapter 329: Someone Was Saying Bad Things About You

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In a mountain village, two people were walking with great difficulty with bags in their hands.

Seeing Qiao Yu sneeze, Chen Hong asked, “Boss, are you sick?”

Qiao Yu said calmly, “No.”

“Then it must be someone who’s missing you,” Chen Hong said at once.

Qiao Yu’s eyebrows moved and his eyes looked to the front. There were lights over there and a lot of people were walking around. Today, it was cloudy but it was as if he could see every movement of that slender figure through the thick haze.

“Boss, that’s not right.” Chen Hong turned to Qiao Yu with a serious face.

Qiao Yu turned his gaze to him.

Chen Hong explained, “One sneeze means someone misses you, two, someone blames you and three, you get a cold. You sneezed twice just now, so it must be that someone was saying bad things about you!”

Qiao Yu: “…”

Catching sight of Boss’s sullen face, Chen Hong gulped and lowered his head, trying hard to minimize his existence. He must have gone crazy to say that to Boss.

Qiao Yu’s good mood was half gone immediately. He kept walking with stuff in his hands and a very cold face.

Chen Hong followed at once and did not dare to say anything else.

Because ‘The City of Desperation’ tells a story that happened near the border, the filming location was also selected to be in a small town near the border of W Province. The first few scenes were about the male lead destroying an entire village and the female lead meeting him. Of course, the story started in a dark little village like this.

When the female lead first appeared, she was only 10 years old, so obviously, there was no need for Xia Ning to be in the scene.

Xia Ning was sitting close to Director Zeng, watching Lin Nan interpreting the role of Gao Sen.

If she were impressed by Lin Nan’s fame before, now she could be described as in awe.

Because Lin Nan was able to show all the cruelty, viciousness, as well as the charm of Gao Sen. Gao Sen was a drug dealer, so he was ferocious, arrogant, cold, and cruel. But he was also a young man in his twenties. He had a man’s charisma. Actually, he was more charming than any other man.

Even though people hated villains like this, at the same time, they were attractive as well to both men and women.

Xia Ning saw Director Zeng who was completely focused next to her and she finally understood why he had chosen Lin Nan from a long time ago. As Lin Nan’s mentor, he knew exactly how Lin Nan’s acting could be expressive.

She also felt like the show has succeeded in half already with Lin Nan in it. So the other half was really falling on her.

Seeing Lin Nan in the scene, Xia Ning was even more determined. She had to interpret this role well and she would never let it become her only failure.

“Okay. Du Yueyue, get ready!” Zeng Jun stood up suddenly and shouted out loud.

Lin Nan got off the scene and looked somewhat relieved. He walked to Zeng Jun and turned to Xia Ning and asked, “So, how do you feel?”

Zeng Jun darted a look at Lin Nan and went straightaway to explain the script to the 10-year-old Du Yueyue.

Xia Ning said with a smile, “Brother Lin, your acting skills are great. You really leave the impression of a big drug dealer.”

“I’m nothing close to that!” Lin Nan smiled. “I’m a good boy!”

“Do you need a big flower?” Xia Ning joked with a smile.

Lin Nan nodded and answered jokingly, “Of course!”

Xia Ning rolled her eyes at him. “So do you want it to be placed on your chest and show off to everyone on the streets?”

“Sure, if you are with me,” Lin Nan raised his eyebrows and said with a smile.

“I’m not gonna do that.” Xia Ning could not hold it any longer and started to laugh as well.

When Qiao Yu walked in, he saw Lin Nan and Xia Ning chatting and smiling. He immediately remembered her cold face when she was with him and his expression changed.

Chen Hong saw Boss’s sulking face and understood everything. He said at once, “Everyone, our President Qiao happened to be passing by this place, so he decided to visit everyone. We hope you are not disturbed.”

Lin Nan and Xia Ning stopped laughing at once and looked over.

When Xia Ning saw Qiao Yu, her face turned ugly at once. How could he be passing by this tiny mountain village? Why wasn’t she aware that he, the President Qiao of Shengshi, decided to expand his business to a deserted place like this?