Chapter 330: Like Uncle And Niece

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Everyone’s eyes stuck to the tall and handsome man at the entrance immediately. There were photos on the Internet of Lin Nan and Qiao Yu. The careful people on the Internet had noticed that this President of Shengshi was really the one with better looks. Even a good-looking guy like Lin Nan would lose all his charm in front of him.

If they were only looking at the faces, both had their own charm. But Qiao Yu was young. He was only twenty-seven or twenty-eight, but Lin Nan was already thirty-six or thirty-seven.

Someone said that an older man might be more attractive. But even though Qiao Yu was younger, he had seen no less than Lin Nan. He had also been to numerous big events. To talk about vision with the President of Shengshi would be a stupid thing to do.

Even in terms of relationships, Qiao Yu had rumors, but he cleared them quickly. But Lin Nan had been in a few relationships. Therefore, a man like Qiao Yu would attract more fans.

All in all, Qiao Yu was way better than Lin Nan.

Many on the set had only seen Qiao Yu for the first time, so they were looking at him with surprise and awe. This young president of a business empire was like a legend in the business world. Who would have expected to see him here?

Qiao Yu walked over under the gaze of everyone and put the plastic bags down onto the floor.

Someone took them at once. “President Qiao, you should have told us earlier that you were coming. How could we make you hold these bags? Thank you, President Qiao!”

Qiao Yu nodded and did not speak.

Chen Hong passed the rest of the bags to the staff on the set as well.

“President Qiao, you’ve traveled a long way. You must be tired by now,” Lin Nan walked over and said to Qiao Yu with a smile.

Qiao Yu looked to him and said calmly, “Not as tired as you with all the acting, Mr. Lin.”

“President Qiao, why are you here today?” Lin Nan raised his eyebrows and asked.

Qiao Yu moved his eyes away to Zeng Jun who was not too far away. “I just wanted to learn filming from Director Zeng.”

Lin Nan looked at Qiao Yu and asked, “You are in charge of such a big corporation and must be very busy, President Qiao. Why do you have time to learn directing?”

“As the decision-maker, I only need to provide my ideas. Unlike you, Mr. Lin. You need to do everything yourself. You don’t even have time to rest when you are busy with filming,” Qiao Yu said coldly.

Lin Nan said with a smile, “President Qiao, you are taking this too seriously. Even though acting is a tiresome job, it’s also very interesting. It’s just very occasionally that there’s no time to rest. Most of the time, it’s just working overtime a little.”

“So why do I see you looking more tired, Mr. Lin? Isn’t it because you stayed up too many times?” Qiao Yu looked at Lin Nan’s face and asked.

Lin Nan frowned slightly. Was he indicating that he was old? True, he was not as young and rich as him, but he could not care less about the lifestyles of rich people.

Xia Ning who was next to them could not take it anymore. She said immediately, “Sure, we are not as rich as you, President Qiao. But we make a living with our own two hands. Don’t you think it’s a bit low to be gloating in front of us? I don’t think this tiny place is suitable for a person like you, President Qiao. If you want to learn directing, why don’t you hire some professors from the performing school? Easier and better.”

Many turned to Xia Ning in shock. How did she dare to talk to President Qiao like this? She was something!

Qiao Yu looked at Xia Ning’s icy face and said calmly, “I know you are close to Mr. Lin like uncle and niece, Miss Xia. It was my bad just now. Please forgive me, Miss Xia and Mr. Lin.”