Chapter 331: So Vicious

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What was that ‘like uncle and niece’? Vicious, very vicious! Chen Hong looked at Boss’s face. He was basically announcing the age and seniority difference between Lin Nan and Xia Ning in front of so many people.

Lin Nan did not expect Qiao Yu to say that either. After dealing with this President Qiao for so long, if he still did not see what he wanted, his years in show business would have been wasted.

“Xia Ning and I are actually…”

“Actually not really uncle and niece but even better than that. Right?” Qiao Yu interrupted at once. He said to Lin Nan with admiration, “I rarely see anyone like you who would care so much for a junior, Mr. Lin.”

Lin Nan’s expression changed a little. He stared at Qiao Yu with cold eyes. What did he want to get at?

Xia Ning did not notice Lin Nan’s face and said to Qiao Yu directly, “This is between me and Brother Lin. Does it matter to you?”

“I was just curious about what kind of relationship you have. Mr. Lin takes good care of you, and outsiders may be making up rumors again. You had too many scandals for the last show, Miss Xia. I don’t want to see that for this movie.” Qiao Yu looked at Xia Ning with a face full of coldness.

Xia Ning sneered. There must be something wrong with his brain. There were only that many gossips that can be made okay?

“President Qiao, you are just overly worried.” Xia Ning scoffed. “In fact, Brother Lin and I…”

“Xia Ning!” Lin Nan shouted out suddenly, trying to stop her.

Xia Ning darted a look at him and continued calmly, “Brother Lin, there’s nothing to hide.” She then turned to Qiao Yu, “My mum was Brother Lin’s good friend. Brother Lin has been taking care of me because of his friendship with my mum. I hope President Qiao, you would not imagine too much.”

“If that’s the case,” Qiao Yu nodded. “Then Mr. Lin is of the same seniority as Miss Xia’s mother.” He said the last few words loudly, his eyes shooting towards Lin Nan’s direction.

The people around them did not know about this relationship between Xia Ning and Lin Nan. No wonder the two were so close on the set. Before, they almost thought Lin Nan had fallen for Xia Ning already.

But back then, because Xia Ning was so young with so many scandals, they eliminated that possibility. Now with Xia Ning’s explanation, the two had no chance to be together.

Lin Nan stared at Qiao Yu sullenly. He was waiting for this.

Confirming his age and seniority difference with Xia Ning, so that the public opinion would stop them from being together. That was harsh. Or should he say, no wonder he was the President of Shengshi! But did he think this could stop him from what he wanted?

Qiao Yu looked at Lin Nan suddenly with somewhat cold eyes. He then turned to Xia Ning.

Lin Nan followed his eyes and saw Xia Ning’s casual face. His heart sank at once.

In fact, public opinion did not matter that much. What mattered was that Xia Ning did not think in that direction at all herself. That was why Qiao Yu could get him today.

Just as this time, Zeng Jun walked over. He darted a look at Qiao Yu and nodded. He then turned to Lin Nan and said, “Prepare for the next scene. Xia Ning, you should go and learn too.”

“Sure!” Xia Ning wanted to leave here anyway. She did not want to see Qiao Yu at all.

Lin Nan darted a look at Qiao Yu and took Xia Ning with him directly.

Qiao Yu’s face turned even colder. Seeing the back of the two, he unleashed the coldness from his body.

Zeng Jun walked over with the script and said in a low voice that could only be heard by the two, “Since you are here to learn directing, you should focus on learning. Don’t glimpse at the girl.”