Chapter 332: That Wine Was Worth It

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Qiao Yu saw the script that was forced into his hand and frowned slightly. If he was not here for the girl, could he really have come here to learn directing?

Zeng Jun looked at Qiao Yu and said, “You made me lose a good bottle of wine to Director Li. From now on, you are my deputy director.”

Qiao Yu: “…” He looked at Zeng Jun in confusion. What did it have anything to do with him?

Zeng Jun walked a few steps and did not see Qiao Yu following him. He turned around and looked at him. “Do you want to know why?”

Qiao Yu got the cue and walked up.

Zeng Jun explained, “Director Li bet with me that you would come to the set within five days. I didn’t believe him. Today is day 3 and here you are. Therefore, I lost the bet and have to give Director Li a bottle of wine that I have treasured for many years.”

Qiao Yu: “…”

Zeng Jun thought of something and said, “You must have a lot of good wine in your cellar. You made me lose one, so you should give one back to me later.”

Qiao Yu: “…” That was out of nowhere!

Director Zeng darted a look at him. “It won’t be wasted.” As he spoke, he walked forward.

Qiao Yu took a glimpse at the script in his hand. If this could make her change her mind, it wouldn’t hurt to learn directing. At least, he still had a chance now.

The next scene was still about Gao Sen and little Yi Sha, so Xia Ning had to come back to Zeng Jun after going over the script with Lin Nan.

Seeing Qiao Yu sitting on the side, Xia Ning got extremely moody. He was indeed like a ghost that was everywhere. Why, after her clear explanation, did he still have the courage to follow her here?

Qiao Yu had his eyes on the script as if he did not notice Xia Ning’s gaze.

Zeng Jun was staring at the camera with a serious face. In the scene, little Yi Sha’s family all died and she fell asleep too. Gao Sen found her. When everyone wanted to kill her, he suddenly decided to spare her life.

When his subordinate took little Yi Sha away, her eyelashes moved a little.

“Lin Nan, be aware of your eyes. They were not consistent like before. Later, we’ll do a make-up shot,” Zeng Jun said suddenly.

Of course, Lin Nan knew it was his blunder just now. Thinking that Qiao Yu was sitting right next to Xia Ning, he felt utterly upset. If it was before, this scene would have to be redone. But that little girl, Du Yueyue, was performing so well just now, so the director definitely didn’t want to miss that. He was afraid she would lose her flow later. But that did not mean the director would let his make-up shot pass that easily.

“Xia Ning, the prelude part is already done. Have you grasped Yi Sha’s situation?” Zeng Jun turned to Xia Ning on the side suddenly.

Xia Ning answered, “Yi Sha is a naive girl in nature. She knows who killed her parents but she has to live, live for her parents. At the same time, she needs to get revenge. So her feelings were contradicting.”

“You are right. I chose you to be Yi Sha because you have a lot of emotions in your eyes. Don’t let me down,” Zeng Jun looked at Xia Ning and said. “And don’t let your father down.”

Xia Ning nodded and said seriously, “I know!”

Zeng Jun said suddenly, “If that’s the case, you should practice with Qiao Yu every day from now on. Oh right, he’s the deputy director now and he needs to learn as well. You should discuss together and if there are any questions, let me know.” As he spoke, he went to look for Lin Nan directly.

Xia Ning: “…” Why did he want her to practice with Qiao Yu?!

She turned her head to the man with a calm face on the side, her eyes glaring as if they were going to explode.

Qiao Yu looked to her as well. “It’s all Director Zeng’s idea.”

Xia Ning scoffed and left directly.

Qiao Yu pressed his lips and looked to the direction of Director Zeng. That wine was really worth it!