Chapter 333: Loved Himself The Most

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The adult Yi Sha’s first appearance was in an assassination. As Gao Sen’s real disciple, she was, of course, the leader of the operation.

She inherited Gao Sen’s clean killing techniques but in her heart, she still had the cuteness of a 20-year-old girl. She was a character with contradicting personalities, walking on the edge of justice and evil.

Qiao Yu was browsing through the script from before and naturally, he pictured Xia Ning in it.

In fact, in his memory, the 20-year-old Xia Ning was still a naive girl. She was always smiling. Her smiling face was like a blooming flower. She had a beautiful, attractive face. Even looking at it would make people feel the liveliness of life.

But the 21-year-old Xia Ning changed, like a flower that withered. When she was sitting in the wheelchair in the hospital staring at him, he looked like a stranger to her. The naivety left her but instead, she became serious and calm.

The 24-year-old Xia Ning was even calmer and stronger, but cold as ice.

Just like Yi Sha, she went through the life and death of her parents and had an enemy that she hated with her life. She could see the deepest corner of Yi Sha’s heart.

Qiao Yu closed his script suddenly and said to Xia Ning who was looking at the lines on the side, “You can do this.”

Xia Ning’s hand on the script stopped for a moment. She looked up just to catch sight of those deep eyes and she was lost in thought for a moment.

A familiar scene came up in her head. Back then, she had just started to chase after him and wanted him to see the best of her.

She was playing tennis for the school tennis team and they had a tournament.

Before the final, she went to look for him, hoping to see him in the field for the final.

“Qiao Yu, I’m in the final tomorrow. Can you come watch me win?” She chased after him as he walked out of the library.

The man in front was holding a few books and walking forward, completely ignoring the girl next to him.

Xia Ning did not give up. She ran to the front of him and blocked him. She looked at him with a determined look. “If you come see me, I will definitely win.”

But Qiao Yu did not look at her and walked around her to go forward.

Xia Ning looked at Qiao Yu’s back and was somewhat disappointed. She pressed her lips. “Was it that hard to cheer me up a little?”

What about the result of that game…

Xia Ning’s eyes turned clearer, staring at the man in front of him. It had been four or five years already, but time had left no sign on this man. All it did was add more charm of maturity to him.

She stood up suddenly and walked to Director Zeng’s direction.

When she needed it the most, he was not willing to give it. Now, she knew how to fight on her own so she did not need any support or encouragement anymore.

This was the key problem between her and Qiao Yu. When he walked ahead of her, he never looked back at her who was behind. Now that she was ahead, she did not want to look at him who was chasing behind her either.

Yes, the person who walked ahead only loved himself the most.

Eventually, one day, the person chasing behind would get tired and became the same as the person in front. Then they would never cross paths again.

Qiao Yu saw Xia Ning’s leaving back and pressed his lips. He then followed.

He knew she hated him. Had he known about what she had experienced earlier, he would never have divorced her back then. He was the one who overestimated his charm. He was the one who never saw her heart clearly, nor his own heart. This was just karma.

When Qiao Yu walked over, Xia Ning was already in the scene.

Lin Nan saw Qiao Yu following and his eyes turned dark. He walked over suddenly.

“President Qiao, do you have time?”

Qiao Yu turned to Lin Nan and said calmly, “What do you want, Mr. Lin?”

“I don’t want anything. I just want to have a chat with you, President Qiao,” Lin Nan answered.

“I have nothing to talk about with you, Mr. Lin.”

Lin Nan stared at Qiao Yu’s cold face and said in a low voice, “What if it’s about Xia Ning?”