Chapter 334: How Do You Know She Doesn’t Like Me?!

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Seeing Lin Nan blocking him, Qiao Yu said calmly, “If it’s about her, there’s even a lesser need to talk. Mr. Lin, you are not enough to do that.”

Lin Nan found Qiao Yu not falling for his strategy and frowned deeply. “President Qiao, she obviously doesn’t like you. You are just pushing her too much!”

Qiao Yu looked at Lin Nan and said in a cold voice, “How do you know she doesn’t like me?!” The thing he hated most was this.

Even if Xia Ning did not like him now, she would fall back in love with him sooner or later.

Seeing the cold but angry face of the handsome man, Lin Nan suddenly did not know what to say. How did he know? Of course, it was Xia Ning’s attitude towards him. If a woman hated a man like this, it was either that this man was really annoying or that this man had hurt this woman before.

To be honest, he was hoping it was the former. If it was the latter, then the two must have a lot of stories.

“President Qiao, didn’t you see her attitude towards you?” Lin Nan looked to Qiao Yu. “I just hope you don’t make her life hard, President Qiao.”

“You are Xia Ning’s senior so of course I should take into consideration what you say. But whether she hates me or not, is her decision, not yours.” Qiao Yu darted a look at Lin Nan. “Mr. Lin, you’d better make sure you know your place around her.” After those words, he turned around and walked to Director Zeng’s direction.

Lin Nan saw Qiao Yu’s back and frowned deeply. The freaking seniority. So was Qiao Yu just taking full advantage of that?

Because of the development of the plot, they needed to change the filming location.

Xia Ning, Zeng Jun, Lin Nan, and Qiao Yu were in the same van with others. Zhang Tingting and He Jun, the two supporting actors were also aboard.

Zeng Jun was sitting in the passenger seat, while Zhang Tingting and He Jun were in the middle. Xia Ning, Lin Nan, and Qiao Yu were in the back. Xia Ning was sitting between the two.

After some time, Xia Ning felt a bit thirsty. As she was looking for water, both Lin Nan and Qiao Yu found out. There was a bottle of water on Lin Nan’s left-hand side, so he just passed it to Xia Ning.

Qiao Yu did not find water on his side. Watching Lin Nan passing that water to Xia Ning, his face turned ugly.

Zhang Tingting’s eyes were following Qiao Yu who was in the back. Seeing him looking for water, she passed her water over at once. “President Qiao, I have water here. Please.”

Qiao Yu saw the water in Zhang Tingting’s hand and wanted to take it and give to Xia Ning. But Xia Ning was already holding Lin Nan’s water. She opened the lid and started drinking.

When Xia Ning was done drinking the water, she saw that Zhang Tingting was still in the position of passing the bottle. Qiao Yu was not moving at all, with a cold face. She looked on ironically for a second. “If you are thirsty, President Qiao, just drink it. This water is clean. Don’t let the girl down.” As she spoke, she tightened the lid, closed her eyes and started to lay back on the seat and rest.

Zhang Tingting heard this and looked somewhat shy. She had never dreamed of meeting a wealthy bachelor like Qiao Yu. Now that he was here, she had to take the opportunity to gain his favor.

Qiao Yu was still looking at Xia Ning’s calm face. His mood suddenly lightened up. She was still bitter about other girls being nice to him. Didn’t it mean that she still cared about him?

“No need. I’m not thirsty,” Qiao Yu said calmly. He sat back in the seat and started to rest as well.

Zhang Tingting’s face showed a sliver of disappointment. She turned around and gave the water to He Jun who was next to her and closed her eyes disappointedly.

He Jun darted a look at her, confused.

After about three or four hours, they finally got to the new location.

Zhang Tingting stood up and was ready to get off. But she suddenly screamed and moved her body to the side, falling towards Qiao Yu who was sitting in the back.