Chapter 336: Special Treatment

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When Qiao Yu got back, everyone was already resting in their own tent and it was getting dark.

Because it was well prepared, at night, the crew started to get together and have hotpot.

The meat was all freshly bought from the locals and the vegetables were actually freshly taken from the locals’ gardens nearby. Because they knew the vegetables were for the crew, the kind locals didn’t even charge anything.

As for how the hotpot was made, they took a big pot and hung it above a campfire. It almost felt like they were in a primitive tribe.

Here, Qiao Yu was the most highly ranked, so naturally, they started to get food for him first.

Qiao Yu stared at the unknown vegetables in the bowl cooked with chili and frowned slightly.

“President Qiao, you are probably not used to this,” Zhang Tingting looked at Qiao Yu and said with concern. “President Qiao, I have a lot of food in my tent. Should I grab some for you?”

Qiao Yu did not even look at her but just turned to He Jun who was serving the food for everyone. “When you ladle food out, don’t include the chili.”

He Jun looked at Qiao Yu with confusion and did not get what he meant exactly.

Qiao Yu put down his bowl and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt. He took over the ladle from He Jun directly. “Let me.”

“Ah?” He Jun saw the ladle getting taken away from his hand and was even more confused.

Was the President Qiao of Shengshi Group serving food to them?! Or was this his delusion?

The rest of the people also looked at Qiao Yu in shock. So President Qiao was very down-to-earth. They said he wanted to be the last disciple of Director Zeng and it seemed real now.

Lin Nan and Xia Ning also did not expect Qiao Yu to be doing such good deeds.

“Mr. Lin, your bowl,” Qiao Yu turned to Lin Nan and said.

Lin Nan handed his bowl to Qiao Yu. “Thank you, President Qiao.”

Qiao Yu took the bowl, put some food in, and returned it to Lin Nan.

Lin Nan took it back with a smile and took a glimpse of the food. There were potatoes and potatoes. There was no trace of meat at all but rather, a bunch of chilies. President Qiao was really treating him well.

Could he take this as revenge?!

It was Xia Ning’s turn now. Qiao Yu took a look at her and did not talk.

To be honest, a cold but gorgeous man standing at the pot, holding the ladle to be a cook, it seemed rather funny, but still good-looking.

Yes, Qiao Yu was a man like this. No matter what kind of tough situation he was in, his charm would not reduce at all. This was probably someone everyone called god-like.

Xia Ning took back her gaze and passed her bowl to him. She said calmly, “Thank you, President Qiao.”

Qiao Yu grabbed the long chopsticks and put some food in her bowl and passed it back.

Xia Ning took it over and nodded. She sat down.

Lin Nan took a look at Xia Ning’s food. It was all meat. That was special treatment!

Seeing Lin Nan staring at her bowl, Xia Ning looked at Lin Nan’s bowl. She saw the chili and potatoes in it and looked back at the meat, without any chili, in hers. She was surprised. Was this just a coincidence?

Wen Jing came over immediately and sat down next to Xia Ning. “Sister Xia Ning, here, let me get the chili out for you,” she said.

But when she saw there was no chili at all in her bowl, she was surprised. She then smiled and said, “No chili is good. It’s humid here and it’s easy to get heat in you. Plus, Sister Xia Ning, you don’t eat spicy food.”

Xia Ning darted a look at Wen Jing and suddenly felt that the bowl in her hand was no longer a bowl, but a very heavy stone. That stone was so heavy on her heart that it made her breathless. She suddenly looked up at the man next to the pot. He was still ladling food out for the others.