Chapter 337: President Qiao Is Definitely Into You!

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When Qiao Yu finished filling everyone’s bowl around him, he was already sweating. The food in his bowl got cold too.

Seeing Xia Ning eating not too far from him, he held the bowl up and started eating as well.

The hotpot today was probably the best hotpot he had had in his entire life. Because it had special meanings.

After the hotpot, everyone was ready to go to bed.

The showers were actually in the bathrooms in the locals’ houses. They were called bathrooms but were really shabby. But it was normal for actors to face this kind of situation.

In Lin Nan’s words, it was good enough to have water.

Wen Jing accompanied Xia Ning to finish cleaning up and they returned to the tent to rest.

But Xia Ning was rolling on the bed and could not fall asleep at all. For her entire life, no one, except for her parents, was able to impact her so much.

Yes, because she cared for him, she was paying attention to his every single move.

She had to admit that even if she did not love Qiao Yu anymore, wherever he showed up, her eyes could not help but follow him.

Human beings are weird animals. They are always wanting something they cannot get. She was like this, and so was Qiao Yu.

It was probably because she had that gene of wanting what she could not have in her heart as well, just like Qiao Yu.

But, what did his intentional or unintentional care for her tonight really mean? Was he still in love with her? No, he owed her.

Yes, she had to admit that she hated him! There was an untouchable wound between her and him. Once it was touched, the only thing left would be destruction.

“Sister Xia Ning, can’t you fall asleep?” Wen Jing who had been quiet on the side asked suddenly.

Xia Ning turned around and said, “Nope, I can’t.”

“Me neither. Every time we went out camping, I couldn’t fall asleep. My mum used to say I was high maintenance.” Wen Jing turned around too and turned to Xia Ning. “Sister Xia Ning, did you realize something?”

“Huh?” Xia Ning looked at Wen Jing.

Wen Jing pouted a little and after some silence, she finally said, “I think President Qiao really likes you.”

Xia Ning did not refute. She followed her and asked, “How so?”

“We don’t even need to talk about the ‘Shengshi Weiyang’ time. This time, we are at W Province. You know better than me how bad the conditions here are. But President Qiao still decided to pause his work and spend time with you. What other men would be able to do that?” Wen Jing said with a lot of certainty. “President Qiao is definitely into you.”

Xia Ning looked at Wen Jing and said with a smile, “How old are you to know all this stuff about love?”

“I’m not a baby!” Wen Jing replied unpleasantly. “Plus, the younger ones like us see this better. Unlike Sister Lu Qing. She’s been completely deceived by that man!”

Hearing Wen Jing mentioning Lu Qing, Xia Ning’s eyes dimmed a little. She looked at the top of the ceiling and said suddenly, “Am I treating Lu Qing very badly?”

“Not at all. Sister Xia Ning, you are actually treating Sister Lu Qing very well!” Wen Jing said immediately. “It’s Sister Lu Qing’s own fault to be deceived by that man. Also because of that little b*tch Fu Yao.”

“What nonsense are you saying?” Xia Ning stopped her. “Don’t worry about it. Zheng Ziming will take care of it.”

Wen Jing stuck her tongue out, “Sister Xia Ning, I know I was saying nonsense. But, since President Qiao is so into you, don’t you want to give him a chance? Haha!”

Xia Ning closed her eyes a little. Could this be called affection? If this counted, what about all her devotion back then?!

The two both fell asleep slowly. Outside the tent, someone walked by.