Chapter 338: You Made Me Do This

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In the office on the 12th floor of SE Entertainment, Lu Qing was sitting on the sofa browsing through the scripts in her hands.

She had been with SE for many years and had created a few popular stars. Even though all those stars left her eventually, it did not affect her ability to build connections.

Sure enough, when she told her colleagues about looking for some roles for her actress, many sent her scripts.

Fu Yao was a newcomer with okay acting skills. She only needed some packaging and she would be as popular as Xia Ning. No, even more popular than Xia Ning!

Remembering Xia Ning’s cruelty, she felt upset.

Yu Hui and Fu Yao were right. Without her, what would Xia Ning be like? Didn’t she just have some shares in the company? Who knew where her shares were from?

Seeing President Zheng’s attitude towards Xia Ning, Xia Ning’s identity seemed suspicious.

So many scripts. She was sure one of them could be used to take Xia Ning down!

Fu Yao just finished shooting an ad for women’s clothing. She opened the door and the pure white dress on her added even more charm. It was quite a nice scene.

This was also why Lu Qing found Fu Yao promising. Her pure face.

But she forgot, nowadays, people with this kind of faces were called white lotus b*tches.

Lu Qing watched Fu Yao coming in and said with a smile, “Fu Yao, come over here. We’ve got a lot of scripts.”

The moment Fu Yao heard scripts, her tired heart was all pumped up again. The ads were just to build up her popularity. The most important thing was to get a good script and become famous so that everyone would remember her.

Earlier, Lu Qing had told her she would look for scripts for her. She thought she’d have to wait a long time and did not expect it to be so soon.

“Sister Lu Qing, what kind of roles do we have here?” Fu Yao walked over and sat next to Lu Qing.

Lu Qing opened one of them and showed to her. “See this one. It’s set in the early 20th century and it’s the supporting second female lead. There are even more scenes for it than for the female lead. Plus, it’s a sad character. It will definitely get you a lot of fans.”

Fu Yao heard this and the smile on her face faded a little. She said with a frown, “Sister Lu Qing, didn’t we agree on leading roles?”

Lu Qing saw her unpleasant face and said at once, “I’m not done yet. A female lead is easy enough. See this one, a costume drama. The female lead is a well-educated lady from a big family. She’s smart and gentle, similar to your personality.”

Fu Yao grabbed the script from Lu Qing’s hand and she got more satisfied the more she read it. She said pleasantly, “Sister Lu Qing, this one is good.”

Seeing her inexperience, Lu Qing wanted to laugh. “This is nothing. There are better ones on this table. You take your time.”

Fu Yao did not refuse and dropped this one to open the next one. Just as Lu Qing said, these were either second supporting roles with a significant amount of scenes or female leads, all very attractive to fans.

Suddenly, she found a note in between. She opened it and read it out directly, “Miss Xia, if you have any concerns regarding the role, please feel free to communicate with us.” She turned to Lu Qing and asked, “Sister Lu Qing, are these scripts all for Xia Ning?”

Lu Qing looked at Fu Yao and said with a frown, “What do you mean by ‘for Xia Ning’? I’m Xia Ning’s manager. These scripts were sent to me, so of course, they are for me to distribute.”

Fu Yao stared at Lu Qing and said with hesitation, “Sister Lu Qing, you sure it’s okay?”

“What are you afraid of? Xia Ning’s out there shooting a movie, why would she know about this? As long as I take you to the audition, and you pass it, what can she say?” Lu Qing sneered. “Are you afraid?”

Fu Yao thought of her chance of getting popular and she was afraid of nothing. Plus, she was only trying to test Lu Qing’s determination anyway. She then said with determination, “As long as Sister Lu Qing, you are here, I’m afraid of nothing. I’ll do anything you ask me to do.”

Lu Qing looked at Fu Yao and nodded with satisfaction. She looked at the scripts on the table, some darkness flashing across her eyes. Xia Ning, you made me do this!