Chapter 339: You Are Missing A Cousin

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In SE Entertainment, Zheng Ziming happened to have something going on and had to be back in the office. Just as he got off the elevator, he saw Fu Yao and Lu Qing walking out of the office to the kitchen in the front. He frowned slightly. This Lu Qing had been making a lot of noise lately.

“Young Master Zheng!” A female voice came from behind suddenly.

Zheng Ziming turned around and looked at her. “What’s going on?” he said casually.

Lian Xin walked up at once. She darted a look at Lu Qing and Fu Yao, and then said in a low voice, “Young Master Zheng, Sister Lu Qing is really playing favorites. Even though she is Fu Yao’s to-be cousin-in-law soon, she shouldn’t really be mixing her personal life with work.”

Zheng Ziming darted a look at her. “I remember you are also one of Lu Qing’s actresses. And you seem to have a pretty good relationship with Fu Yao.”

Lian Xin heard that and was surprised. She looked at Zheng Ziming in confusion and said with uncertainty, “Young Master Zheng, are you talking about…”

Zheng Ziming nodded. “I too think Lu Qing has very bad vision. You are better than Fu Yao in every way. If she had to pick a favorite, it should have been you.”

Lian Xin heard and said at once, “Fu Yao is a b*tch. She introduced her cousin to Sister Lu Qing on purpose so that Sister Lu Qing can favor her. That’s so vicious.”

Zheng Ziming darted a look at her. “I finally see what you are missing compared to Fu Yao.”

“Young Master Zheng?” Lian Xin stared at Zheng Ziming and could not follow him.

Zheng Ziming curled his lips. “You are missing a cousin.” As he spoke, he walked to the front directly.

Lian Xin stared at Zheng Ziming’s back, her face filled with confusion. Missing a cousin?! What did he mean?! Unless…

Nevertheless, Young Master Zheng talked to her. Even thinking about that made her excited.

Young Master Zheng’s help was definitely partly the reason why Xia Ning could be so popular. As long as she could hold on to a big tree like Young Master Zheng, would she ever need to worry about not being able to gain popularity?

Zheng Ziming walked ahead a little and felt that the person behind him was gone. He turned around suddenly. Looking at Lian Xin’s back, his expression was somewhat mysterious. After some silence, he took out his phone and called a number.

When the call got through, he started talking at once, “Asteria, I haven’t called you in a few days. How are you doing on the set? Let me tell you this. There are a lot of poisonous bugs in W Province. You gotta be careful. Ah…”

Hearing that the voice on the other side not belonging to Xia Ning, Zheng Ziming almost could not breathe. He said with a bad attitude, “Oh, Wen Jing. Did Asteria ask you to pick up? Where is she? Is she in the scene?”

Wen Jing was looking at the two men handing water to Xia Ning at the same time not too far away. She covered the phone a little and said in a low voice, “Young Master Zheng, I will tell you this, Sister Xia Ning is in big trouble this time.”

As she spoke, Wen Jing darted a look at Xia Ning in front of her. “Seems like both President Qiao and Movie King Lin like Sister Xia Ning. Young Master Zheng, what do you…” Suddenly the call was hung up on the other side. She looked at the phone and felt weird. Why did Young Master Zheng sound like he was very upset?

On the other hand, Xia Ning saw the two bottles of water in front of her and darted a look at the two men. “I’m not thirsty,” she said calmly and went to look for Director Zeng immediately.

Qiao Yu darted a look at Lin Nan and opened the bottle. He took a sip and followed Xia Ning.

Lin Nan looked at Qiao Yu’s back and frowned a little.

Just at this time, Zhang Tingting walked up suddenly and said to Lin Nan, “Movie King Lin, do you think President Qiao is here for Xia Ning? He was also there for Xia Ning’s last show…”

Lin Nan darted a look at Zhang Tingting, “Miss Zhang, are you all done with your lines?”

Zhang Tingting was caught by surprise and then answered, “All done.”

Lin Nan nodded. “That’s good. I believe as long as you put all your heart in acting, Miss Zhang, you will achieve a lot.” As he spoke, he walked forward.

Zhang Tingting stared at Lin Nan’s back and her eyes flashed with darkness. That was obvious…