Chapter 340: The Issue Of Doubling

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Yi Sha and Lu Cong were the best disciples of Gao Sen. The two were called the black hawks of the border because they were cruel. Whoever made enemy with Gao Sen’s people, would most likely die in the hands of these two.

There were many others dealing drugs near the border, but they all treated Gao Sen as their leader. All the dealings would have to get Gao Sen’s approval. But at times, there were people who did not want to pay the toll. And that would be the time for the black hawks.

“On the right,” Lu Cong shot at one enemy and reminded Yi Sha behind him.

Yi Sha got the instructions, raised her gun and shot at an enemy who wanted to strike them in the dark.

The two exchanged looks and hid to the side in sync. A few people appeared in the front suddenly and started to shoot at them. The two barely dodged the bullets.

“Cut. Take ten,” Zeng Jun said suddenly.

Xia Ning stood up and brushed some dirt off her before she started to go back to the rest area.

“Sister Xia Ning, you were doing so well just now. I really need to learn from you.” Zhang Tingting walked up directly and flattered Xia Ning.

Xia Ning darted a look at her and said calmly, “Miss Zhang, your acting skills are good as well. Also, we are about the same age, so just call me Xia Ning.”

“Sure. Xia Ning, you are so nice,” Zhang Tingting followed smoothly.

Xia Ning nodded to her and was ready to go around and leave her.

But Zhang Tingting was not planning to let her go. She followed and said, “Miss Xia, I heard that you and Movie King Lin are niece and uncle. Is that true?”

Xia Ning looked to her and did not speak.

Zhang Tingting said at once, “I was just curious.”

Xia Ning darted a look at her and said calmly, “My mum knew Movie King Lin personally.”

Zhang Tingting nodded at once. “That’s the case. So Movie King Lin is indeed your senior.”

Xia Ning did not speak and walked forward. She darted a quick look at Lin Nan. They said guys were just like flowers when they reached forty. Movie King Lin who was not even forty definitely was very charming.

He Jun walked up from behind and said to Xia Ning, “Xia Ning, what did Tingting say to you just now?”

Xia Ning turned to him. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. It’s just that I…” He Jun touched his head and looked a little embarrassed.

Xia Ning saw this and understood at once. She said calmly, “Nothing. She was just saying that we were doing a good job just now.”

He Jun heard this and was first surprised and then delighted. ‘We’ meant him included, right?

He said to Xia Ning, “Xia Ning, go have some rest.” As he spoke, he walked towards Zhang Tingting’s direction.

Xia Ning looked at He Jun and squinted her eyes. That was a little complicated.

However, girls like Zhang Tingting were not really suitable for Lin Nan. A man like Lin Nan needed either a down-to-earth or a naive girl. But she was just too calculated.

She didn’t know why she changed focus from Qiao Yu to Lin Nan. But for relationships, she did not like people like that. They were too sophisticated. Then, relationships just become games for them and they were always there for fame and money.

Director Zeng walked over and said to Xia Ning. “You are quite open to different scenes, but your movements are not sharp enough. The movements of your legs are not very quick. In other words, your actions cannot follow your brain. What’s going on?”

Xia Ning saw Zeng Jun’s serious face and said in a low voice, “I was in a car accident before and got hurt in my legs. So… But no matter what, I will meet your standards, Director Zeng.”

“I will consider using stunt doubles,” Zeng Jun said in an unquestionable voice.

Xia Ning was shocked in her heart. She watched Zeng Jun walk away and looked down, her face somewhat sad.

That car accident almost took her life and almost took her legs!

After a while of silence, she turned around and wanted to read the script. And there, she saw Qiao Yu standing in front of her, staring at her with dark eyes.