Chapter 341: The BlameTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Seeing the man in front, Xia Ning took back her gaze and wanted to leave. But he blocked her.

“Go away!” Xia Ning looked to the front at the man’s wide chest and said coldly.

But Qiao Yu was not moving at all. He stared at the girl before him and said in a low voice, “That car accident…”

Xia Ning’s pupils tightened suddenly. She looked up at the man in front of her. “What does it have to do with you?”

Qiao Yu saw her icy eyes and could feel the coldness from her. She was resisting him.

“I’m sorry!” Qiao Yu said suddenly.

Xia Ning moved the corner of her lips. “What are you saying sorry for, President Qiao? Why can’t I follow?”

“Xia Ning…” Qiao Yu’s eyes turned dark. He stared at Xia Ning and his eyes showed some guilt.

He knew very little about what happened back then. Even about her getting hurt, he was not too concerned. He just thought she was sitting on the wheelchair because she had just given birth.

“Are you pitying me?” Xia Ning sneered and looked at Qiao Yu with a ghostly smile. “You are mistaken. My legs were hurt because of a car accident two years ago, not…”

“I was not talking about when your legs were hurt!” Qiao Yu said suddenly.

Xia Ning stopped a little and darted a look at Qiao Yu. She then turned around and left directly.

Qiao Yu did not try to block Xia Ning this time. He pressed his lips slightly. That past of theirs had become an impassable gap between them.

No, he would fill it up!

The next few scenes were all action scenes.

After one of the scenes, Lin Nan saw Xia Ning walking out of the scene covering her legs. He came up and asked, “Did you get hurt in your legs?”

Xia Ning looked at Lin Nan and shook her head. “It’s probably because I haven’t been doing any intense exercises like this for a long time.”

Lin Nan knew that some actresses’ bodies were just not suitable for intense action scenes, not to mention that Xia Ning was not very strong. She was definitely not suitable.

“Take a break. I will ask the director to use stunt doubles,” Lin Nan said in a low voice.

Xia Ning frowned a little. “Brother Lin, no need. Director Zeng has already told me just now.”

Seeing Xia Ning’s sad face, Lin Nan knew what was going on in her mind. He tried to comfort her, “The stunt doubles are just for some of the most intense action scenes. You still need to do the rest yourself. I understand your feelings but you should put your health first.”

Xia Ning nodded. “I understand.”

Not too far away, Zhang Tingting was watching Lin Nan talking to Xia Ning. She said to He Jun on the side, “Movie King Lin is a little too nice to Xia Ning, isn’t he? It doesn’t even seem like he is concerned about her as his junior.”

He Jun looked at her and said, “Movie King Lin is famous for his good personality in the circle. It’s normal for him to take care of the juniors. Are you just overthinking? Movie King Lin can like anyone and that can’t be Xia Ning.”

Zhang Tingting darted a look at He Jun and wanted to call him stupid. He thought Xia Ning was not good enough for Movie King Lin but it might be that Xia Ning thought Movie King Lin was not good enough for her. Men were just careless like this. He couldn’t even tell President Qiao’s feelings for Xia Ning.

Good thing she stopped in time. Otherwise, she might be as unlucky as Li Shanshan and Chen Shiyan. It was said that these two tried to seduce President Qiao and were both taken care of by President Qiao. Who knew whether it was from President Qiao or Xia Ning? In any case, she would not want that.

But it would still be nice to be able to have Movie King Lin in her pocket. They said Movie King Lin had a lot of estates and he was such a gentleman. It would be very nice if she could be with him.

Because the doubles were not ready yet, Xia Ning still did all the action scenes today. Director Zeng held very high standards. Xia Ning’s movements were often not good enough to pass and everyone else was feeling anxious for her.

“That was a lot of NGs. Who knows why Director Zeng picked her to be the leading actress?!” one of the supporting actresses complained in a low voice.

The second these words were out, the rest of the actresses who were waiting also agreed.

“Most likely, it was because of Movie King Lin.”

“True, Movie King Lin is Director Zeng’s disciple. His words would definitely weigh a lot in front of Director Zeng…”

Suddenly, a tall figure came over. He glanced over those who were talking with cold eyes. “Since you are so good, there’s no need to look for doubles. Let’s just pick from you.”