Chapter 343: Let Her Try!

When it was dinner time, Xia Ning was sitting in the rest area and Wen Jing was nowhere to be found. All the others were eating.

Qiao Yu had his own food in hand and came over. He was ready to hand it to Xia Ning.

Someone ran to the front of him suddenly and blocked his way.

“Ah ah ah, Sister Xia Ning, this is the box I picked for you. Not spicy at all, with a lot of meat. You should eat more to gain more strength.” Wen Jing handed the box to her and took out a yogurt from her bag as if she wanted to be praised. She blinked at Xia Ning. “This is for digestion after food.”

Xia Ning looked at her and smiled. “Isn’t this your favorite brand? If I take it, do you have another?”

“It’s not important whether I have more or not. The most important thing is you enjoy it. If you are happy, I’m happy,” Wen Jing said with a smile.

Xia Ning did not say anything else. She opened the box and started eating. Action scenes were really demanding and she was really hungry.

Qiao Yu looked at Wen Jing who was blocking him in front and frowned a little. He turned to Xia Ning and said, “It’s not good to have yogurt after food. I have soup.”

Xia Ning looked up at Qiao Yu. There was a thermos in his hand and it seemed to be the food prepared specifically for him.

“No need. Sister Xia Ning doesn’t like soup!” Wen Jing turned around and said to Qiao Yu in an impatient tone. “Plus, this soup is for people like you, President Qiao. Sister Xia Ning would not dare to drink even if it’s in her hands. She would have to worship it.”

Qiao Yu took a look at this little assistant of Xia Ning’s. He frowned a little. She was not like that to him before!

Xia Ning realized that Wen Jing was on fire. But remembering what she had said before, she somewhat understood it.

It seemed like Wen Jing was really mistaking something!

This little girl. Xia Ning moved her lips and looked to Qiao Yu. She said calmly, “My assistant is right. I don’t like soups. Thank you, President Qiao.”

Qiao Yu pressed his lips and his eyes were fixed on Xia Ning.

But it was as if Xia Ning did not notice and kept eating her food.

All of a sudden, Wen Jing walked up and blocked Qiao Yu’s eyes. “President Qiao, we are about to eat. Your assistant is looking at you over there. It looks like he’s waiting for you to eat.” So, just leave, okay!

Qiao Yu: “…” He took a look at Wen Jing, turned around and left.

“Oh yes!” Wen Jing made a victory sign at once. She turned around and said to Xia Ning wanting praise from her, “Sister Xia Ning, I was able to drive the person you hate away for you!” Her entire body was saying, praise me, praise me.

Xia Ning curled her lips. “Wen Jing, you are really good!”

Wen Jing nodded. “Of course!”

Xia Ning chuckled and shook her head. She then started to eat.

On the other side, Chen Hong saw his boss back with failure and asked, “Did Miss Xia refuse to eat it?”

Qiao Yu darted a look at Chen Hong and put the thermos back into his hand. He then walked to the staff, got a box of food and sat next to Director Zeng to eat.

Chen Hong saw the thermos in his hand and wanted to complain about Boss. He was not even able to give food to her. What could he do?! If he kept waiting around, his wife would be running off with someone else.

Even though Zeng Jun said he wanted doubles and Chen Hong had already picked the right people, Xia Ning still wanted to do it herself.

“Director Zeng, I can do this!” Xia Ning was asked to talk with Zeng Jun because of the doubles.

Zeng Jun saw her determined face and said in a low voice, “Your body is not really meeting the standards.”

“But there is nothing hard in the world, as long as the people doing them are determined. The wounds on my legs are long gone. The uncoordinated behavior before was merely psychological. I can overcome this,” Xia Ning said with determination. “Plus, I believe that the result of me doing it myself will definitely be better than using doubles! Director Zeng, you don’t want others to comment about the movie later, that all the action scenes of the female lead are done by doubles.”

Zeng Jun stared at Xia Ning and frowned a little. He did not talk and no one knew what he was thinking about.

“Director Zeng, let her try.” On the side, a man who had not been talking opened his mouth suddenly.