Chapter 344: Do You Think I Will Say This

Xia Ning turned to the man on the side and he was looking back at her. His dark eyes did not show any emotion.

If it was the Qiao Yu from before, he would not even care whether she wanted to act or not. If it was for business reasons, he should be in more favor of using doubles. After all, if the actress could not guarantee the quality of the acting, there would be no need to waste time. Yes, this was Qiao Yu’s style. Determined and forceful.

But she obviously felt something special in his eyes.

As if he was telling her, if she wanted to do it, just do it.

“Since President Qiao said so as well, let’s try then,” Zeng Jun said suddenly.

Xia Ning heard and turned around and said gratefully, “Thank you very much, Director Zeng.”

“No need to thank me,” Zeng Jun looked at Xia Ning and said calmly. “Remember, if you cannot meet my standards, I will still use the doubles eventually.”

Xia Ning nodded. “I know. Please rest assured, Director Zeng. I will not let you down.”

Zeng Jun did not speak and went to the cameras.

Xia Ning breathed slightly and looked somewhat relieved.

“If you can’t do it, don’t push yourself too hard.” On the side, a man’s voice sounded suddenly.

Xia Ning was a little surprised. She turned around and looked at him.

It was as if his eyes never left her. She rarely tried to guess what was on his mind but now, seeing his pupils from such a close angle, she could only see herself in them.

As if in his heart, between the sky and the earth, there was only her.

If he was able to let her think like this before, would she be that desperate back then?

But there were no ifs in the world. What was lost was lost and never coming back.

“Thank you, President Qiao, for speaking up for me just now,” Xia Ning nodded and said.

Qiao Yu looked at her. “That was just out of business consideration.”

Xia Ning heard this and felt relieved in her heart. She wanted to leave but the man’s voice followed.

“Do you think I will say this?”

Xia Ning was surprised suddenly and she could not move her legs all of a sudden.

“I can tell you clearly, it was not because of business consideration. Just because you want to do it, I will support you. But if you can’t do it anymore, you have to say it.”

Xia Ning closed her eyes a little and her lips curled up. “So what do you want to convey with what you are telling me now?” She opened her eyes suddenly and turned around at the man behind her. “Are you telling me you will do everything according to my wishes?”

“If you want to!” Qiao Yu looked at her and followed her words immediately.

If she wanted to?! That was easy to say!

Xia Ning cured her lips. “What happened to you? You are so good at sweet-talking now.”

“I’m telling the truth.” Qiao Yu looked at her with deep eyes. His dark eyes were so peaceful as if it was right after a hurricane. He moved one step forward. “I don’t know how to sweet-talk. You know it.”

Xia Ning nodded and turned her head to the other side. She looked to the front. “Yes, you don’t know how to sweet-talk. But when you do it, it looks like it’s not your first time.”

Back then, if he was able to talk even a little bit like this, they probably wouldn’t have gotten into this situation.

“You don’t trust me?” Qiao Yu frowned.

Xia Ning shook her head. “It’s not that. It’s just…” She stopped for a second and looked at Qiao Yu, “Now, at this moment, does it matter if I trust you or not?”

“Why does it not matter?”

Seeing Qiao Yu’s confused look, Xia Ning was a bit helpless. Her explanation last time seemed to have made him even more guilty. That was why he was trying everything to get her back.

As a matter of fact, it was already beyond her imagination to see Qiao Yu trying so hard for her, just once, in her life.

“You only know that I was in a car accident and my legs got hurt in the accident. But do you have any idea what I went through back then?”