Chapter 346: Tit-For-TatTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The person in front of him had already left. Lin Nan stood still and could not move his legs at all. There were voices echoing in his ears as well.

Ex-husband? Married? Qiao Yu was her ex-husband!

She must have lied to him! She was merely twenty-four or five! These days, a young girl like her enjoyed nothing more than freedom. How could she let herself be constrained like this?

But her attitude towards Qiao Yu seemed to be able to explain everything.

Lin Nan looked back at the girl who was walking back to the scene behind him. For a brief moment, he felt she was a total stranger to him.

Yes, in the decade that they did not see each other, they had their own lives and made their own choices. He had girlfriends and she probably had boyfriends. But he had never expected her to be married once during that time.

At this moment, his heart felt very complicated.

That tiny girl grew up and had been married before. When she was explaining to him just now, that outright voice almost made him think that she was not talking about herself.

So, why did they divorce?

Was it indicating that Qiao Yu was not treating her well? Also, why was Qiao Yu chasing her here?

Lin Nan glanced at the man who was standing next to Zeng Jun. For a second, he wanted to walk up and question him.

As if he felt something, Qiao Yu turned his head to Lin Nan’s direction suddenly.

Lin Nan sneered and turned his head away. He was not a young guy in his twenties. He should not add to Xiao Ke’s problem.

Qiao Yu frowned a little and looked at Lin Nan’s direction. He could feel the deep enmity from him.

A scene about assassins needed to be separated into many different scenes. The close-up shots were all about Yi Sha, so Xia Ning’s acting was extremely important.

Seeing the person who was running around, Zeng Jun did not say anything, but he also did not say anything about not being happy. As the scenes went on, the number of NGs went down as well.

Wen Jing went to get water for Xia Ning who had just finished shooting.

Xia Ning drank some water and looked at her legs. She felt slightly relieved. It was indeed psychological. Back then, she danced and she was fine. How could running and jumping be a big issue?

After three days of filming, the scenes here were all done. They needed to move on to the next place.

Zeng Jun was quick-tempered when it came to shooting movies. He asked the crew to move to the next spot before they took a break.

Everyone thought that the next spot was in a town and there would be hotels there. In any case, it would be better than camping here, so they all agreed.

After some packing, the crew got onto the buses to leave.

On the bus, Xia Ning picked a window seat towards the back. When Qiao Yu got on the bus, he looked around and decided to sit next to Xia Ning directly.

“Ah, excuse me. President Qiao, this is my spot.” Wen Jing rushed over and sat down next to Xia Ning at once. She said to Qiao Yu in an apologetic way, “Sorry to trouble you to find another seat, President Qiao.”

Qiao Yu darted a look at Wen Jing and then to Xia Ning who was next to her. Xia Ning was sitting back in the seat and had her eyes closed. After a few days of intense filming, her body was really exhausted.

Qiao Yu walked further back and sat down behind Xia Ning. Just at this time, Lin Nan sat down next to him.

“President Qiao, do you mind me sitting next to you?” Lin Nan looked at Qiao Yu and asked casually.

Qiao Yu did not talk. He looked at the scenery outside the window, but his heart was on Xia Ning who was right in front of him.

As the car traveled, the scenery got better along the way. The sun was setting with pink clouds in the sky. The green trees were glowing in the sunset. Everyone’s heart felt relaxed along the way.

People on the bus were talking about what they had seen and there was a guide telling famous stories about W province.

“President Qiao, you are young and achieving a lot. There must be a lot of girls chasing after you,” Lin Nan suddenly spoke up on the side.

Qiao Yu turned to him suddenly and stared at Lin Nan without talking. There was some unexplainable emotion in his black eyes.

Lin Nan’s face was serious. He continued, “A man with your background could get any woman he wants, President Qiao. Why do you want to hurt an innocent soul?”