Chapter 347: I Will Treasure Her More Than YouTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Qiao Yu, the President of Shengshi Group, was not even thirty. He had forceful means and numerous assets. He was a legend in the business world. A man like him would obviously attract women’s attention. It was fair to say he could get any woman he wanted.

A man who was putting his entire heart in his career would never try to understand a girl’s inner world. In this case, the so-called love was most likely based on looks and desire.

He did not know why Xia Ning married Qiao Yu back then but now, he would not let that person near her again.

Qiao Yu stared at Lin Nan, his handsome face undisturbed. He turned around and said coldly, “Mr. Lin, you seem to be mistaken.”

“I’m not mistaken!” Lin Nan said in a low voice. “You know exactly what you did.”

In any case, it was definitely not Xia Ning’s fault.

There was a dangerous flash in Qiao Yu’s eyes. He darted a look at Lin Nan. “Whatever I did, I have no reason to explain to you, Mr. Lin.”

Lin Nan sneered. “As long as I’m here, you are not going to get near her.”

Qiao Yu looked at Lin Nan suddenly and the gazes of the two collided in the air, creating numerous sparkles.

“Great, great, great!”

All of a sudden they heard people around them shouting and clapping. The guide was showing his gratitude with a smiling face.

Qiao Yu and Lin Nan took their gazes back and did not talk anymore.

When they got to the small town, it was already 9 pm at night. The hotel they stayed in was the best in town already.

Wen Jing took Xia Ning to her room to rest and everyone else went to their rooms as well.

Qiao Yu’s room was right next to Lin Nan’s. The two took out keys at the same time to open the doors.

All of a sudden, Lin Nan stopped his movement, and said to Qiao Yu on the side, “Can we talk in private?”

Qiao Yu also put back the keys and looked at Lin Nan. “Why can’t we?”

The two walked straight to the garden behind the hotel.

Lin Nan was walking in front and Qiao Yu was behind.

Seeing the person in front of him stopping, Qiao Yu stopped too.

All of a sudden, Lin Nan’s body turned around and he threw a fist at Qiao Yu directly.

But Qiao Yu saw it coming already. He leaned back and dodged the blow.

Lin Nan looked at Qiao Yu and seemed very annoyed. “I want to beat you to death.”

Qiao Yu stared at him and said coldly, “Mr. Lin, what on earth do you want?”

“If you married her already, why didn’t you take good care of her?” Lin Nan said with anger.

Qiao Yu squinted a little. Did Xia Ning tell him?

“This is a matter between me and Xia Ning, it’s none of your business.”

Lin Nan sneered. “None of my business? Xia Ning’s parents are gone. I’m her family. If I found her earlier, I would never have let her marry you!”

Seeing the angry man in front, Qiao Yu said coldly, “Mr. Lin, who do you think you are to stop her?”

“Yes, I’m not related to her by blood. The so-called uncle and niece relationship is merely because I knew her mother and I’m older than her. This will not affect my feelings for her,” Lin Nan replied in a cold voice. “Qiao Yu, you divorced her. Please always keep that in mind and leave her alone!”

“Do you know why we divorced?” Qiao Yu asked suddenly.

Lin Nan sneered. “Does that matter? Can’t you see? Whenever you show up, she doesn’t even smile as much. This means that she doesn’t want to see you at all.”

Qiao Yu’s face turned somewhat darker. “Mr. Lin, do you want to fight over her with me?”

“Not fighting over her. I’m openly chasing her!” Lin Nan said in a low voice. “I will treasure her much more than you did.” When he was finished, he turned around and was ready to leave.

“Let’s wait and see then.” Qiao Yu’s voice came from behind suddenly. “Mr. Lin, you should know her personality well. Her reasoning always comes before her feelings.”

Lin Nan frowned a little. He thought of something and left with a cold face.

In the back, Qiao Yu loosened his tie a little. His face was not looking good either. Zheng Haodong was gone. Zheng Ziming was gone. And now, Lin Nan was here to challenge him.

She really attracted a lot of men.