Chapter 349: See How She Would Play With Him!

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Qiao Yu went back to the room and made a call to Enoch.

“Mummy, did you miss me?” Enoch’s sweet voice came from the other side of the phone.

Qiao Yu heard this and went into silence.

“Mummy, I miss you so much. When are you coming back with Daddy?” Enoch did not know who was on the other side of the phone. He thought it must have been Mummy who took Daddy’s phone to call him. That was what Daddy told him before.

“Your mother fell asleep just now. She’s very busy lately and just had time to rest. So Daddy didn’t want to wake her up,” Qiao Yu said suddenly.

Hearing Qiao Yu’s voice, Enoch sounded like he became a withered flower.


Hearing Enoch’s sadness, Qiao Yu continued, “When Daddy’s back, we will go to the amusement park together, okay?”

“Really?” Enoch was so excited that he shouted out loud. “Daddy, are you taking me there with Mummy? I don’t want to go with Uncle Chen again. He’s too stupid.”

“Yup, of course. Daddy and Mummy will take you there together,” Qiao Yu answered.

“Yay, that’s great. So Daddy, come back with Mummy earlier.”

Qiao Yu looked at the bright sunlight outside and suddenly, he smiled a little more. “Sure.”

After hanging up, he looked at his phone and stayed silent for a while. Maybe he was wrong from the beginning. He thought she’d never be able to leave the kid, but she was more determined than he thought.

He turned on his phone and made a call directly.

Mu Zichen picked up on the other side.

“Alex, aren’t you with your wife right now? Why do you have time to call me?” Mu Zichen was pouring wine at the bar at his place. He held his phone in one hand and in the other hand, a bottle of wine.

“Well, well, well. I’ll stop my nonsense. Don’t be mad. You are asking about that. I was about to tell you!” Mu Zichen put the bottle down and walked into the library. He closed the door before he finally said, “I don’t know who was involved. I was only able to find out that it was indeed because of a car crash. As for the patient, no one knew her situation. It is only because I know Doctor Edward that I learned a little about Xia Ning’s case.”

“Your ex-wife’s identity is not simple at all. Someone is definitely behind her doing all the work to keep everything in the dark.”

“I think you should take it slow and don’t irritate her,” Mu Zichen sighed and said. “Well, I have a guest here so I have to go.” As he spoke, he hung up directly and organized his hair a little before he went out.

In the living room, Wen Yue looked at Mu Zichen and said with a smile, “Where’s the wine?”

Mu Zichen smiled and nodded. “Look at me. I almost forgot. I’ll go get it now.”

Wen Yue stared at Mu Zichen’s back and the smile on her face disappeared suddenly.

She was just shopping on the street and did not expect to meet this person. And then he had to invite her to his place in broad daylight. The fox may grow grey but never good! See how she would play with him!

In the hotel room, Qiao Yu looked at the black screen of his phone and looked somewhat serious.

Yes, Mu Zichen’s trip to England brought back a lot of things. If it was not for this trip, he would never know Xia Ning had gone through something like that.

Had he known about her situation back then, he would never have let her leave like that.