Chapter 351: They Didn’t Know Which Man She Was Seeing Either

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Realizing he was just like Gao Sen, falling for a girl who was 12 years younger than him, Lin Nan stared at Xia Ning with passionate eyes.

Xia Ning took the water bottle from the staff next to her and opened it, without noticing Lin Nan’s look at all. “Probably. What you are saying is that the feelings should be told. When some feelings are gone, it’ll be difficult to find them back.”

Lin Nan saw Xia Ning’s casual look and his heart dropped to the ground. Didn’t she understand? He smiled suddenly. “Yes, you are quite right.”

Xia Ning took a sip of the water and put the cap back on the bottle. “But if someone doesn’t want to admit the feelings in the first place, that only means those feelings are not that important.” She turned to Lin Nan. “I think Gao Sen doesn’t love Yi Sha that much. He enjoys Yi Sha’s love but doesn’t want to respond to it. When Yi Sha is dead, everything seems to be out of his control. He is not used to that. So his self-destruction is not just because of Yi Sha, but more like he’s out of options.”

“Xiao Ke!” Lin Nan stared at Xia Ning in shock. He didn’t realize she would think this way.

Xia Ning’s lips moved a little. She looked at Lin Nan and said with a smile, “The fact is that I’m a person with a failed relationship. I also put rationale before feelings.” She continued suddenly, “So you won’t be able to hear any expectations for relationships from me.”

Lin Nan looked at Xia Ning’s cold face from the side and said in a low voice, “Actually, not all men are the same in the world.”

“True, not all are the same. But when it comes to relationships, there’s one thing in common,” Xia Ning rebuked. “If there’s no love, there shouldn’t be any involvement in the beginning. Relationships hurt people the most and the agony of wanting something and not being able to get it will drive people crazy. Therefore, it is better to avoid this kind of relationship.”

Lin Nan frowned a little. She seemed to be understanding this very well. Was it because she experienced it before?

“Brother Lin, take a break. There’s more work later.” Xia Ning nodded to Lin Nan and walked to the rest area.

Lin Nan stared at Xia Ning’s back. She seemed to hate intimate relationships. Was it because she was hurt by Qiao Yu?

But, he was different from Qiao Yu. He would take good care of her.

After a day, Xia Ning’s acting skills were confirmed again. Even Zeng Jun’s face lit up a little.

Qiao Yu wanted to buy everyone dinner. The entire crew was all joyful. Even though this little town lacked resources, it would still be an honor to be treated by President Qiao.

Xia Ning took a call just at that time and said to Qiao Yu, “I have something going on tonight and won’t be able to go. Thanks, President Qiao.”

Qiao Yu looked at her and did not speak.

But He Jun on the side asked with a smile, “It can’t be that your boyfriend is here to see you, right?”

Xia Ning smiled a little, “Sure!”

Once these words were out, Lin Nan and Qiao Yu looked at Xia Ning at the same time. Even Zeng Jun and the others looked over.

“A guy friend, also called a boyfriend!” Wen Jing opened her mouth suddenly and squinted at Xia Ning. “Am I right, Sister Xia Ning?”

Xia Ning looked at her and smiled. “Smart girl. Come with me tonight.” As she spoke, she looked at Qiao Yu and the rest. “So I’ll leave you guys first.”

“So that was a misunderstanding,” He Jun said with a smile.

Zhang Tingting darted a look at him and felt helpless. “Is there something wrong with your brain? All you know is talking nonsense.”

He Jun looked at Zhang Tingting in confusion. What did she mean?

Lin Nan and Qiao Yu darted a look at each other and got the same message from each other. They didn’t know which man she was seeing either. Could someone come to visit her from so far away and have no special feelings for her?