Chapter 352: Jin Yan

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A more classy place for food in this little town would, of course, be the steakhouse. But since it was not easy to get to this place, they wanted to try the local gourmet instead.

Therefore, the crew decided to go to a very famous local restaurant nearby.

When Qiao Yu and the others got off the bus, he saw Xia Ning and Wen Jing went in.

What a coincidence. They picked the same place.

Qiao Yu stood outside and did not go in. Lin Nan walked next to him and looked in the same direction.

Xia Ning was wearing a hat and her sunglasses were covering half of her face. She followed the waitress and walked into a private room that was booked earlier.

When she got in, Xia Ning saw the person who was waiting inside and a smile emerged on her face. “Have you been waiting for a long time?”

Wen Jing followed Xia Ning’s eyes and saw that man. Her expression changed a little and the next moment her eyes were jumping out of her face. How could it be him?!

Among all the contemporary singers, there were a few who could be called king. But a king at only twenty-something years old was rare. Yes, the person in front of her was Music King Jin Yan, who was at the same level as Shi Hao.

His albums would sell out the second they were published. His songs were also popular all over the country. He had tons of fans and it was said that he had over 80 million fans on Weibo.

The point was, he was only twenty-eight years old. A king at twenty-eight years old, with handsome looks and an impeccable personality, he had an extremely bright future.

It was said that he was moving towards the filming circle as well. He had been the leading actor for a few TV shows and they were getting good reviews. Someone was saying that he could be the next Movie King.

She thought Sister Xia Ning was being secretive of seeing Young Master Zheng, but she did not expect it to be Music King Jin!

Jin Yan’s facial features were very gentle but his eyes were as sharp as an eagle. Many fans liked his sharp eyes. He was 1.84 meters tall with a strong body that looked somewhat masculine. The ideal lover of everyone would look like him, handsome and also masculine.

Jin Yan stood up and walked to Xia Ning. He reached out to her hair at once. “Why are you so slow? You made me wait for quite a while.”

Xia Ning heard that and looked helpless immediately. “It’s work so what can I do about it?” As she spoke, she hit his hand away. “Don’t mess up my hair.”

“If I mess it up, I can fix it for you personally,” Jin Yan said with a smile. He took a look at her face and frowned. “You don’t look great. Have you been busy?”

“Not really, it’s just that there are a lot of action scenes in this movie,” Xia Ning explained. As she spoke, she put her arm around his and walked to the table. “Well, that’s enough about me. Why did you decide to come here and see me?”

Jin Yan looked at Xia Ning helplessly, “So who told me on the phone that she missed me? If I don’t come, you will probably stop talking to me later.”

Xia Ning moved her eyebrows. “Not the case at all!”

“Sure, you won’t. You’ll just blame me on the phone and blackmail me!” Jin Yan chuckled and sat down.

Xia Ning sat next to him and looked at him. “So, you don’t really want to buy me gifts?”

“How come? As long as it’s not a star in the sky, I will get you whatever you want.” Jin Yan handed her his cup. “Drink some water. Your lips are dry.”

Xia Ning took it and took a sip. She breathed slightly and looked delighted.

Wen Jing:”…” Sister Xia Ning, that is someone else’s cup! Also, don’t put your arms around a guy’s arm. The soft touch on the head can also make people misunderstand . So, this one was really her boyfriend?!

My God. Music King Jin is Sister Xia Ning’s boyfriend!