Chapter 353: A Guy Friend

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Xia Ning did not notice Wen Jing’s look and said to Jin Yan, “Did you order already?”

Jin Yan nodded. “I did. The dishes will be out soon. I ordered mostly what you like. You should eat more.” As he spoke, he darted a look at Wen Jing who was standing still. “This is?”

Xia Ning then remembered she hadn’t even introduced her. She said with a smile, “My assistant, Wen Jing!” As she spoke, she looked at Wen Jing. “Wen Jing, this is…”

“Music King Jin!” Wen Jing took out a notebook from her bag and ran in front of Jin Yan. “Music King Jin, I’m your fan. Your ‘The Heart That Awaits You’ is awesome. Can I get your autograph?”

Xia Ning looked at Wen Jing in shock. That was quick. She had never seen her like this at work. Of course, the person mattered.

Jin Yan chuckled and took the notebook. He found a pen and signed his name. “Thanks for your support!” He handed it back to Wen Jing.

“You’re so welcome! Haha!” Wen Jing stared at Jin Yan and wanted to take the notebook back. But she did not see where it was and did not catch it. Her face turned red immediately and she looked down. This time, she saw clearly where it was and took it back.

Xia Ning looked at her jokingly. “So this time you met your real Mr. Dreamy. You are even blushing.”

Wen Jing looked at Jin Yan’s signature. She noticed the edge of it looked like two letters, S and K. She suddenly realized something and looked at Xia Ning with blame. “Sister Xia Ning, how dare you keep it from me!”

“You never asked if I know Jin Yan!” Xia Ning answered with a smile.

Wen Jing sneered slightly and ignored her. She then turned to Jin Yan, “Music King Jin, you gotta take good care of our Sister Xia Ning and don’t let others hurt her.”

Jin Yan looked at Wen Jing and smiled. “Of course.”

“Why do I feel you are thinking of me as a little white bunny?” Xia Ning looked at Wen Jing helplessly.

Jin Yan turned to her. “But you don’t look white and not delicious either…”

“Jin Yan…” Xia Ning glared at the man next to her.

Jin Yan gave up at once. “Well, well, well. My bad. Queen Xia, please spare my life.”

Wen Jing stood on the side and realized she could not get into the conversation at all. She had never seen such a lively Xia Ning. There was no sharpness around her anymore and she felt pure.

Outside the private room, Qiao Yu could hear the laughter inside. His face was not looking good. He was sure it was not Zheng Ziming.

Just at this time, the door of the private room opened.

Wen Jing walked out and saw Qiao Yu standing at the door. She closed the door and said to him, “President Qiao!” But she did not leave, as if she was afraid Qiao Yu would barge in and mess with what was going on inside.

Qiao Yu: “…”

Realizing Qiao Yu had no intention to leave, Wen Jing asked, “Do you need anything, President Qiao?”

“Who’s inside?” Qiao Yu asked calmly.

Wen Jing answered with a smile, “Of course, it’s Sister Xia Ning’s boyfriend. Oh no, guy friend.”

Qiao Yu squinted a little. “Who?”

“I can’t really tell you, President Qiao. But you’ll know later.”

Qiao Yu: “…”

“President Qiao, I suppose Director Zeng and the others are waiting for you. Aren’t you joining them?” Wen Jing reminded him kindly.

Just at this time, He Jun stuck his head out from the private room ahead and waved at Qiao Yu. “President Qiao, this way. This way!”

Qiao Yu darted a look at Wen Jing. Hearing the laughter inside, he looked even more gloomy. He walked forward.

Wen Jing saw Qiao Yu leaving and made a victory sign at once. She walked ahead to ask the waitress to bring in the food.

The private room was not very soundproof. Jin Yan looked at Xia Ning. “That President Qiao outside can’t be that ex-husband of yours, right? Well, well, Su Xiao Ke, you betrayed me! You are meeting your ex-husband in secret here!” As he spoke, he knocked on the table and stood up!