Chapter 355: The World Was Still A Beautiful Place

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Wen Jing was just 20 years old and was still young and naive. She heard the word ‘lonely’ and immediately associated it with the bad side. She grabbed Xia Ning’s arm at once. “Sister Xia Ning, what do we do? We just ran into a pervert. Police, let’s call the police now!”

Xia Ning saw Wen Jing’s panicked face and reached out to hold her hand. She tried to comfort her. “Don’t be afraid. It’s going to be fine.”

“Sister Xia Ning, you should go. I’ll protect you!” Wen Jing’s courage emerged out of nowhere. She looked up at Xia Ning with determined eyes and jumped right in front of Xia Ning.

Xia Ning looked at Wen Jing from the side, feeling somewhat moved. She had experienced the most memorable betrayal and no matter where she was, she would never dream of others saving her. Because the closest person could betray you, not to mention strangers.

But this girl made her believe that the world was still a beautiful place.

“Silly girl, look who that is,” Xia Ning suddenly said with a smile.

Wen Jing was surprised and turned to Xia Ning, baffled.

Xia Ning gave her a look and Wen Jing followed her line of vision. Now that the light was dimmer, she was able to see slowly and clearly.

“Why would I be able to scare you like this? You are something,” The man in front said with a smile. “But you actually knew to protect Xia Ning. That was good!”

Hearing this voice, Wen Jing widened her eyes and shouted out, “Young Master Zheng?!”

Zheng Ziming smiled and did not look at Wen Jing. He walked straight to Xia Ning. “How did you know it was me?”

“We lived together for over a decade so how could I not be able to recognize your voice? You really underestimated me.” Xia Ning rolled her eyes at him. “You are so bored, trying to scare the little girl.”

Zheng Ziming touched his nose. “I’ve been waiting for so long to see you guys coming, so I wanted to mess with you a little. Who would know she would be really scared?”

Xia Ning looked at him. “So you are in the right to do this then?”

Zheng Ziming apologized at once. “My bad. My mistake. How about this? I will buy you food tomorrow. You can get whatever you want!”

“Getting Wen Jing food will be good enough. I don’t have time to dine with you,” Xia Ning said.

Zheng Ziming nodded and asked, “Why aren’t you curious about why I’m here?”

“Tell me which time you didn’t visit me on the set when the filming began.” Xia Ning stared at Zheng Ziming. “Plus, you sent a WeChat Moment about traveling. Normally, you would tell me where you are going in advance. But you didn’t this time.”

Zheng Ziming felt so stupid that he wanted to cry. He covered his face with his hands and said, “I was going to give you a surprise. See what I did.” He stopped for a second and continued, “Why are you so late to go home? Who were you with for dinner? I heard from your crew that you had a date with a guy. Asteria, you…”

“What, can’t I have dinner with other men,” Xia Ning raised her eyebrows. “while you are allowed to have dinner with other women?”

Zheng Ziming: “…” Well, he shot himself in the foot. However, he decided to ask more. “Which man? Do I know him? As long as it was not Qiao Yu.”

“Of course it wasn’t President Qiao. It was Music King Jin!” Wen Jing cut into the conversation suddenly, with the face of a fan. “I finally met Music King Jin in person!”

Zheng Ziming was surprised and then continued, “It was him. Isn’t he shooting for a movie? Why would he have time to see you?” He slightly hid away his emotions on his face.

Before Xia Ning could speak, Wen Jing said directly, “Of course he missed Sister Xia Ning. He was in a rush coming and leaving, but he’s still so handsome!”

Zheng Ziming: “…” Suddenly he wanted to zip this noisy little assistant’s mouth.

Xia Ning touched her icy arm and said, “Well, let’s not talk here. Let’s go back to the hotel.”

“Sure. It’s so cold. Such a big temperature difference for day and night,” Wen Jing continued.

Zheng Ziming saw the two girls walking in front and frowned slightly. Jin Yan. He exhaled a little and walked up to them.

Not too far away in a black car, the man in the back seat watched the three people in front and went into a brief silence. He then said, “Let’s go back.”

“Yes, Boss!”