Chapter 363: Food Delivery

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They lost contact with the delivery guy and Xia Ning did not have lunch to eat. That put Zheng Ziming in a dilemma.

He thought for a moment and said to Xia Ning, “Asteria, wait for me here. I’ll buy some food from outside for you at once.”

Before Xia Ning could reply, Chen Hong on the side said suddenly. “Miss Xia’s parts start in an hour. When you are back with the food, Young Master Zheng, I don’t think Miss Xia will have enough time to eat. Plus, it’s not good to move a lot within half an hour of food intake.”

Zheng Ziming: “…” He glared at Chen Hong. This assistant of Qiao Yu’s was just as annoying as Qiao Yu.

Xia Ning knew clearly about how many things will be going on in the afternoon. She could not drag the entire crew down just because of not eating lunch.

“Thank you, President Qiao!” Xia Ning stood up and took the thermos from Qiao Yu.

Qiao Yu looked back at her and answered calmly, “You’re welcome.”

Xia Ning nodded a little and did not talk.

But Zheng Ziming was not happy. He had the feeling that Qiao Yu got his way. He grabbed the thermos from Xia Ning immediately.

“Asteria, let me try first. Who knows if there’s poison in this food. Only those who try will know!”

Qiao Yu stared at Zheng Ziming and frowned slightly. Chen Hong next to him noticed his Boss’s expression and of course knew what was going on in his mind. If Young Master Zheng actually had the first bite of the food, Boss would probably hate him for the rest of his life.

Xia Ning looked helplessly at Zheng Ziming. Why was he still so childish?

“Well, stop messing around. I still want to rest a little after lunch. Give it to me.”

Zheng Ziming heard this and saw the fatigue on Xia Ning’s face. He had to pass the thermos back to Xia Ning.

Xia Ning took it and sat down. She put the thermos on the table and opened it. There were four layers, with rice and soup in two of them, and the rest were vegetables and meat.

It was still warm. The aroma of the food was all over the place.

Xia Ning was already hungry and when she saw the well-prepared food, her appetite came.

She grabbed a piece of meat and had a bite and her expression changed slightly. She took some time to eat that and then tried another dish, stir-fried pepper and pork. Her expression got even weirder. She suddenly looked at Qiao Yu who was on the side.

Qiao Yu did not leave and was just standing there.

As if he noticed Xia Ning’s look, he looked over at once. The two caught sight of each other and the atmosphere was somewhat awkward.

Zheng Ziming saw Xia Ning’s serious face and thought the food did not taste good. He grabbed a piece of meat and threw it in his mouth and murmured, “Why does this taste so bad? It’s…” Before he could finish, his expression changed a little. That was not right. The food actually tasted very good. He turned to Xia Ning at once. “Asteria, what’s going on?”

Xia Ning returned to herself and looked at Zheng Ziming. “I’m fine. You are hungry as well. Do you want half of it?” she said calmly.

Zheng Ziming was already hungry, plus, the food tasted good. He darted a look at the food in Xia Ning’s bowl. Knowing how much she can eat, he nodded at once. “Sure.”

So the two split the food naturally. Chen Hong on the side was moving his lips. This Young Master Zheng was not polite at all. Had he known who actually cooked the dishes he was eating, he might not have accepted it so quickly. However, Boss might be upset by now.

Chen Hong looked at Qiao Yu on the side. But he did not see an ugly face. Instead, that face looked somewhat happy.

That was not right. According to Boss’s personality, shouldn’t he be having a long face now?

But it was true that Miss Xia was enjoying the food and Young Master Zheng was amazed by his cooking skills as well. Didn’t that mean that Young Master Zheng was not as good as him?

No matter what, the president of a business empire was trying different things to make his future wife eat what he cooked, and that meant a lot. Had Young Master Zheng known what was going on, he might have wanted to throw up.

Outside the set, there was a delivery guy with a big stack of money and two greedy eyes that could not contain his happiness.

The heck. Those rich people were just crazy. They asked him to deliver one less box and paid him a couple of thousand dollars. That was way more than his hard-earned money through delivery.

Of course, it was easy to make money from the rich!